5 Best YouTube Rank Checker [Free and Paid]

Do you want to know where your video stands on YouTube search results for a particular keyword or keywords? Then all you need is a good YouTube video rank checker tool.

Ranking higher on search results is a great way to get views on your YouTube videos organically. YouTube rank checker tools can help you find the rank of your videos on YouTube search results page for a particular keyword. 

Also rank tracking tools are a great way to find what your competitor’s rank is and help you to outrank them with a better strategy and become a successful YouTuber

But wait, Can’t you check the rank of a video manually? Yes you can do that. But checking rankings manually can be a tiresome job especially when you have to track for numerous keywords for numerous channels including your own and competitors. Also the ranks can be different according to location so it’s always a better idea to use YouTube rank checker tools.

In this post I have mentioned five best YouTube search rank checker online. 

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So let’s get started.

1. YTRank

YTRank is one of the best YouTube video rank checker tools online. It is available for completely free no catch.

The interface of this simple rank checker tool looks like the screenshot below.

YTRank youtube rank checker

To check the rankings of a video all you have to do is enter the video url you want to check the rankings for and the keywords you want to check the rankings for that particular video. Also you can choose the Country of your target audience. You can enter five keywords at a time for a video. Then click on the Find Rank button. 

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Since the rankings may vary as per the location, it is advised to choose the target audience of the video. 

It is one of my favorite online rank checker tools which is extremely easy to use. 

Also it keeps a record of your previous searches on the site.

2. TubeTool.io

tubetool youtube rank checker

TubeTool is a different YouTube search rank checker tool than the other tools mentioned. It lets you find the keywords a video is ranking for rather than finding the rank for a particular keyword.

To find the keywords a video is ranking for with TubeTool, head over to TubeTool and enter the video link on the input box. Then click on Check Rankings option.

Then it will load all the keywords that video is ranking for on the top three ranks. 

3. YouTubeRank

YouTubeRank is a free online YouTube video rank checker similar to YTRank. 

YouTubeRank free youtube rank checker dashboard

To find rankings of a video for keywords, you enter the video url, choose the target country, enter keywords and click on the Find Rank button. 

Then it will generate the page and search result rank for that video for the keywords entered. 

4. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a must have tool for YouTubers. It is a complete packaged tool for YouTubers that gets integrated with your YouTube dashboard and helps to manage and grow your YouTube channel.

One of the important features of TubeBuddy is its rank checking. 

To find the rankings for the videos for the tags used on a video, you can open the video.On the sidebar, TubeBuddy will show different stats related to the video. You must have the TubeBuddy extension installed on your browser. Download here if you don’t already have the extension. 

Then Scroll down to the TAGS section which will display all the tags used by the video. Click on the Show Search Rankings button. It will display a number next to the tags. These numbers indicate the search rankings in incognito mode.

youtube rank checker with tubebuddy

This is a free youtube rank checker feature of TubeBuddy. 

If you purchase the star or legend version of TubeBuddy, then you can use the search rank tracking feature. To use this feature, log into your TubeBuddy dashboard, then navigate to “Search Rank Tracking” option. 

Here you can add keywords to track your ranking.  You can find the keywords to track from the analytics page of your YouTube channel.

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Then you can navigate to Ranking Reports and click on Generate Report to generate ranking reports for the keywords entered. 

You can view the ranking report history and make changes on your videos metadata to improve your rankings.

5. Accuranker

Accuranker is a great rank tracker tool for SEO professionals. If you are a professional or agency who is working on SEO, this can be the best rank checker tool for you.

To track YouTube rank with Accuranker, sign in to your Accuranker account (if you don’t have one, check out this free trial for 14 days no credit card required) and go to Domains from the dashboard. 

Then Click on Add Domain. Enter your channel url, give a display name on accuranker, select a locale and language and make sure to select YouTube as a search engine. Then click on the Save option.

accuranker step one

On the next step, enter the keywords you want to track the rankings for. You can either add keywords manually or upload a csv file. Then click on Add Keywords.

accuranker step 2

Then it will display the rank for the keywords you entered. It will also Monthly search stats for your keywords. 

accuranker ranks results

Accuranker is a great tool to track your own rankings and also for competitor analysis. 


YouTube rank trackers are essential tools to evaluate your rankings and competitor analysis for YouTube SEO. 

If you are a small channel on YouTube and check rankings for a few videos and keywords, YTRank is undoubtedly the best free YouTube rank checker. 

For a channel doing good and with relatively more number of videos, I would recommend using TubeBuddy. Also the rank tracking feature is awesome for YouTubers.

For SEO professionals and agencies, I would recommend buying TubeBuddy’s enterprise subscription or getting started with Accuranker.


I hope these rank check tools will help you track and improve your rankings with better strategies.

Make sure to comment how you use these rank checker tools for YouTube and what your favorite tool is.

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  1. tubetools is not existing anymore, youtuberank is the only one offers you to check ranking without a trial or account, simply type and check and this is a HUGE advantage in my opinion

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