8 Top Free YouTube Keyword Tools For SEO

YouTube has grown as one of the largest search engines in the recent time.

If you want to grow as a content creator and become a successful YouTuber then you must come with a great plan.

And keyword research is something you must do if you are trying to succeed on YouTube in 2022.

In this post, I will share what keyword research for YouTube means, why it is important, some best FREE YouTube keyword tools and how to keyword research the proper way.

There are many keyword tools that can help you find the best keywords for optimizing your content for Google, but in this post I will mention only the tools that are specific to YouTube.

Check this article for other keyword research tools:

What is Keyword Research For YouTube?

Keyword research is the act of finding the actual terms that people search on search engines (in this case YouTube).

By performing keyword research you can find the popular and profitable terms that people search on YouTube and can help you drive viewers to your channel and eventually grow your channel.

But, Why should I do Keyword research for YouTube?

If you are not doing keyword research before creating content for your channel, you are missing a lot of things like how many people are actually searching for the topic, how competitive the topic is and many more.

YouTube is one of the largest search engine after Google and a competitive platform for video content creators.

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Keyword research can help you find the targeted people, targeted topics to grow your YouTube channel. So by performing keyword research you are actually finding the topics that people are already searching for online.

If you are serious about ranking your videos on search results, then I would recommend to do keyword research.

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So now that you have understood what keyword research is and why you should do it, let’s get into the FREE keyword tools for YouTube.

Free Keyword Tools For YouTube

#1. YouTube Autocomplete

Youtube autocomplete for youtube keyword research

You must have realised whenever you try to search something on YouTube, you get suggested autocomplete terms to help you complete your search term.

These are actually the popular terms that people are actually searching on YouTube.

So YouTube autocomplete can be a great tool to find the best keywords and also the topics for your next videos.

This is a great way to find long tail keywords which people are actually searching on YouTube and making content on these topics can help you boost your channel on search results.

#2 Google Trends

Google Trends is an awesome free tool to find trending topics.

It can also be an amazing tool to find the best keywords for your YouTube videos and analyse the trends of the search term over time.

To use google trends for finding the best keywords, all you have to do is head over to Google trends, enter your main keyword or the topic you want to work on and search.

On the next page change web search to YouTube search so that you can get the statistics for YouTube.

You can find the related topics and keywords at the end of the page.

google trends

Also interest over time section can be really helpful for your to analyze the people’s interest on the topic over and time and predict if you will get enough views if you create a content on the topic.

#3 KeywordTool

Keyword tool uses the YouTube autocomplete feature to find handful of long tail keyword for your YouTube videos.

keyword tool youtube keyword research

With the free version of this tool you can find a long list of long tail keywords related to your main keyword for your videos.

If you want to check other statistics like Search volume, trend, CPC and competition,you can upgrade to pro version. But this can be a great free tool to find keywords for your youtube videos.

#4. RapidTags

I actually got to know about this tool from a discussion forum in Reddit.

Rapidtags is actually a great tool to generate profitable tags related to a topic, view traffic information relating to YouTube tags and keywords, analyse your YouTube search rankings and also search for words that can cause demonetizaion of your videos.

rapidtags youtube keyword research

This is one of the best tools that can do more than just keyword research to boost your YouTube channel.

It is a great free tool and the above mentioned features come along with the free tool.

But if you want to enjoy other additional features, you can upgrade to Plus plan which starts from 3.99$/month.

#5. Keyword Keg

Keyword keg provides an awesome free keyword research tool for YouTube.

You can check the statistics like search volume, CPC, competition, trends etc. An option to select country is also an awesome feature in Keyword keg.

keyword ked

This is actually a paid tool that provides limited stats on free.

Keyword keg can be used to do keyword research for Google, Bing, Amazon etc as well.

#6. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is a great tool I recommend every YouTubers must try.

It is a browser extension that integrates with your YouTube dashboard and help you improve your channel with great features.

You can use this tool to find out what keywords your competitors are using in their videos and can also check the search rankings for the used tags.

tubebuddy keyword research

This is also a great tool that suggest you popular keywords to use in your videos.

If you want to get more features of TubeBuddy, you can upgrade to premium plan that starts from 9$/month.

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#7. YouTube Analytics

Your YouTube analytics is a great place to find potential keywords for your videos.

You can find the keywords that are getting views for your videos at Analytics>Reach Viewers and scroll down to find Traffic Source: YouTube search.

You’ll find most of the keywords that you have already optimized for your videos but some keywords that you are getting traffic without even optimizing your title, tags and description for that tag.

That means if you optimize your title, description and tags for that keyword, you can boost your rankings for that search term.

#8. Keywords Everywhere

Update: Keywords Everywhere is no longer a free extension, you can use WMS Everywhere instead of this tool.

Keywords everywhere is a browser extension and mostly used free keyword research tool by bloggers.

It is an amazing tool that shows different stats like search volume and average CPC everywhere. You can see these statistics whenever you make a search on Google, YouTube and 14 other websites. But these data are not specific to YouTube but taken from Google.

So by using the suggested keywords you actually optimize your content for Google.

YouTube autocomplete with Keywords Everywhere
YouTube autocomplete with Keywords Everywhere

Google is a great source to get traffic to your videos so I will recommend not to miss this opportunity.

How To Do Keyword Research For YouTube?

You have known about the great FREE tools to do keyword research for YouTube.

But how should you actually do keyword research the proper way?

As I mentioned above, keyword research is the practice to find out the search terms people are actually searching for on YouTube. To find the keyword I will use KeywordTool .

Suppose I want to create a video on “Affiliate marketing”. Here our main keyword will be affiliate marketing. So I will head over to the keyword research tool and enter affiliate marketing on the search bar.

keyword research step 1

Then clicking on the Keyword Suggestions will help me see the list of popular keywords related to my main keyword.

keyword research with keyword tool

You can check the search volume, trend, CPC and competition for the keywords as well.

You can try this on any of the keyword tools mentioned above.

Now you can get a basic idea of what topics you should cover in your video, what keywords you should use in your video Titles, description and tags.

If you do this before creating and publishing content on YouTube, I am sure your channel will boost in terms of search rankings and subscribers and view counts in less time.

Wrapping it Up

These are some of my favourite keyword research tool and concise information on keyword research for YouTube.

I hope this article will help YouTubers to boost their YouTube channel in terms of views and YouTube search rankings.

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If you use these tools properly, I’m sure it helps you to get consistent views to your YouTube videos.

What is your favourite tool to do keyword research for YouTube?

Did I miss any great tool?

Don’t forget to share what tools you use and how you do YouTube keyword research.

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  1. Hey Dipendra Neupane,

    Great post with great keyword research tools to grow youtube channel. Its absolutely true that youtube have become one of a largest search engine after google in today’s time. A great plan is really important for those who want to become a successful youtuber and content creator.Having a great planning is necessary if we want to achieve a success, whereas planning is the main key for success and we can’t be able to do anything without a plan. I really like the list of several youtube keyword research tools that you have listed, whereas your all the mentioned tools are truly effective. Google Trends is a superb tool to search trending topics and best keywords for youtube videos. Keyword Tool is a great tool that allows the users to find a long list of long tail keyword for youtube videos. Rapid Tags is an amazing tool that allows the users to view traffic information related to keywords and youtube tags, generate profitable tags related to the topics. Tube buddy is also a great tool that allows the users to find about the keywords used by their competitors and also to check the search rankings for the used tags. Your all the mentioned tools are effective and loaded with helpful
    features but i truly like an idea of using Tube Buddy, Google Trends, Keyword-Tool and rapid Tags.

    Really helpful post with helpful tool, Whereas using these tools will allows the users to find the keywords for youtube.

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