15 Youtube Channel/Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Many people want to get started on YouTube and become a successful YouTuber. But many of them fear to show their face on YouTube videos.

Creators drop the idea of starting a YouTube channel for their fear of being seen on videos in YouTube.

Some creators are shy to be seen on YouTube, some people fear the possible judgement and shame they may have to bear from their friends and other people who know them and some may have other problems to be seen on Youtube.

So in this post, I will be discussing youtube channel ideas you can start without showing your face.

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Can you make money on YouTube Without Showing Face?

This is the most common questions of creators who want to get started on YouTube without showing face.

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YouTube has become strict in the case of monetization but if you are creating original content then you can surely make money on YouTube.

Let me make one thing clear that you can have your channel monetize even if you are not showing your face. But make sure you are using your real voice and not computer generated voices in your videos.

Check this article on how to record professional voice over for YouTube videos.

So you can earn money online with your faceless YouTube channel as long as you are using human voice.

You can always switch to showing your face once you have good number of followers or have enough confidence to show your face.

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Let’s check out some YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

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1. Use Presentation Slides

You can actually use presentation slides created with Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote and use them to create voice over videos. You can also create slides with Google Slides and later use them to create videos.

These are actually ideal to create explanatory videos.

With simple animations and designs you can create professional looking videos on YouTube.

PowerPoint has a feature to record your slideshow and also recording the narration with the slideshow and eventually export it as a video.

If you don’t want to show your face and make videos on YouTube then Presentation style videos can be a great way to get started.

This YouTube channel uses presentation slides to create videos and has over 100K+ subscribers.

2. Create Whiteboard Animations

This is one of my favorite ideas to start YouTube channel without showing face.

You can create amazing whiteboard animation videos with software like VideoScribe or Doodly and can get started after watching some tutorials online.

These types of videos are ideal if you are creating explanation or informational videos.

Whiteboard animations are also a great way to create marketing videos for your business and also educational content.

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3. Screen Recording Videos

You must have seen tutorials on YouTube where creators show how to do some stuffs online by recording their computer or mobile phone screen.

You can also create such screen recording videos and start a YouTube channel.

There are a lot of screen recording softwares available on the internet.

Camtasia is a premium software to create screen recording videos. If you don’t want to pay there many free screen recording softwares available.

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With screen recording softwares you can create tutorials and how to videos on a lot of topics like:

  • How to install and use a software
  • Registering on a certain site or service
  • And basically anything to do online

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4. Create Animation Videos

Another great idea to create videos without showing your face can be creating animation videos.

If you are good at creating animation videos, you can do it yourself or hire someone from Fiverr or Freelancer to do the job for you.

Don’t want to pay for creating animation videos? Well, Angry Prash (indian YouTuber) started YouTube channel with an image that he created on MS paint and now he has 2 million+ of subscribers.

Angry prash youtube channel

Animation videos can be used in almost every niche. You can create entertainment videos, explanatory videos, how to tutorials with animation videos.

5. Product Reviews and DIY videos

Well this is another great idea to create videos without showing your face.

You can create a video reviewing a product showing the product in your hands or just showing the product.

FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review is a YouTube channel that reviews toys without showing face and has over 11 million subscribers.

FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review Youtube Channel

Also unboxing products is another great way to create faceless videos. You just have to show your hands unboxing a product from its box and show what else comes inside the box.

Do it yourself(DIY) is another niche to create awesome faceless videos on YouTube. 5 minutes crafts create videos related to DIYs and lifehacks and have over 54 million+ subscribers.

6. Gaming Channel Or Create Videos With Game-play videos

Gaming is one of the most successful niches on YouTube.

Many successful YouTubers first started with game streaming and gameplay videos. Pewdipie first started as a gamer and is the individual YouTuber with the most number of subscribers.

If you don’t want to start a gaming channel, then you can use your gameplay videos to make voiceover videos on other niches.

You can create roast videos or YouTube news or updates channel using your gameplay videos. Just show your gameplay records on the screen and use a narration on the behind about your niche. This is a great way to engage your audience.

In case you don’t play games and want to use gameplay videos, you can get free to use game play videos from YouTube for free.

7. Podcasts

The main content on the podcasts is mostly in its audio so you can create podcasts if you don’t want to show your face in YouTube videos.

Start a podcast channel on any topic you are interested in. You can use static image and record the entire audio and post it on YouTube.

Else you can use moving graphics or infographics in your podcasts as well.

8. Stock Footage

If you want to create awesome videos without showing your face, consider using stock footages available online.

You can use stock images available for free from different websites like Unsplash and also free stock videos from sites like Pixabay and Pexels.

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Insert voice over on the images and stock videos and with proper editing you can create professional faceless YouTube videos.

9. Music Videos

If you create original music and want to upload it to your channel then you can do so without having to show your face.

Either show just your hands playing guitar or use your album cover and play the song in background.

Else you can create a lyric video for your song and post it to your channel.

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10. Cooking Videos without showing face

If you want to start a cooking channel on YouTube, then you can create videos without showing your face.

Show your ingredients and focus your camera on the gas or oven and show your audience mixing and stirring stuffs with just your hand you can create awesome cooking videos without your face being shown.

There’s a Nepali food channel, Yummy Food World with over 450K+ subscribers and they haven’t shown their face in their videos.

11. Travel Videos

Travel is one of the most popular category in YouTube. If you love travelling then you can create travel videos even without showing your face.

Pick your camera, take the beautiful shots of places you visit and create a beautiful video. You can also include drone shots if you want.

12. Share Cool Facts

If you have interests in science or history or any other niches, you can start a channel on sharing cool facts.

This could be a great niche to create faceless videos if you can do some research for your videos. You can use images or footage from stock websites or create your own doodles or slideshows for these types of videos.

13. Listicles

This is a popular niche on YouTube in which you can create videos without showing your face.

All you have to do is find topics to create list videos like “Top 10 places to spend your honeymoon” or “5 Best sitcoms to binge watch”, find relevant images, stock footage or your own clips and record a voice over and publish them.

14. Create Time Lapse Videos

One of my best channels on YouTube creating time-lapse videos on YouTube is Temponaut Timelapse . You can create time lapse of anything you want. This channel actually shows the videos of foods degrading with time.

You can create time lapse videos of a place or clouds changing on the sky, turn your travel videos or vlogs into time lapse videos and upload them to YouTube. If you can create interesting videos, it is an easier niche to grow your subscribers as well.

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15. Educational Videos

If you enjoy teaching others and want to create teaching videos, you can do so without showing your face.

You can use slideshow and voiceover or also create animated videos to teach through YouTube.

I have a complete article on how you can create educational channel on YouTube.

Check out this link for more YouTube video ideas.

Final Thoughts

I believe you not willing to show your face on your YouTube videos should not stop you from being next successful YouTuber. So I hope this list of creating faceless video ideas on YouTube will help you create your YouTube channel.

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Please let me know which one of the idea did you find the most interesting? Also if you have other faceless video ideas, drop them in the comments below.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and leave a comment below if it helped.

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Happy YouTubing!

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      • Hi, and thank you for the information. This will be my first time trying it out. I don’t know how to implement this. All I have an idea that I would like to start on now, but I don’t know which it would fit on the list that you provided to make this happen. Could you please email me to my email below?

      • Can an youtube channel which has no videos showing face and no voice be monetized ?.
        I want to start a channel which only shows texts which give information about something.. pls say your suggestions..
        waiting for your reply..

        • I would recommend at least using human voice on your videos if you are creating videos without face. That would be a no problem.
          It would be tougher to get your video monetized with Adsense if you are not using human voice and no face. But there are other ways you can monetize videos.
          So, if you are thinking about monetizing with ads, at least use human voice in your faceless videos. Otherwise you can check out these other ways to make money from your YouTube videos.

  1. Heartful thanks. Amazing ideas indeed. You’ve answered all my questions. You’re such a great writer. Thank you again.

  2. This helped me a lot with ideas on which channel I wanna start, I might be starting a few by the look of things.

    • Yeah, you can monetize such videos for sure.
      There’s a YouTube channel named “Data is Beautiful” who creates such videos.
      Apart from YouTube partner program, there are other ways to monetize your YouTube videos, check this post.

      • Thanks for the reply! Yes Data is Beautiful is great and it is one of the channels that inspire me to get into this niche. My concern is as with any niche channels there may be some videos with similar topics. By know means am i looking to copy and I wouldn’t try to present anything that isn’t something i created however, I am wondering if youtube would allow monetization because cause the content is similar. A lot of these race bar channels have many video topics in common.

        • Hey Joe,
          It’s definitely possible to get monetized on this niche but there are uncertainties just like in other niches.
          Not trying to demotivate but there actually are many channels that are doing exactly this so you may have a hard time growing your channel on the same niche. So you may want to rethink about the niche or presenting data on a different way.

  3. Hi. Can you suggest what video topic ideas that can go viral on youtube? So we can make such video to post on our youtube channel.

    • Hello,
      I have recently published an article on getting video ideas on any niche that have a potential of getting better engagement. You can check it here.
      But instead of looking for topics that can go viral, I would suggest you to pick a niche and start working on that. I’d prefer a narrow topic rather than targeting a broad niche. You can achieve success on any topic if you create interesting unique and engaging content.

  4. Hi, great article.
    I want to create social commentary videos, where I show images and gifs to accompany my voice. Can you recommend a program that is user friendly and that will record my voice with changing images?
    Thank you

  5. My major problem when it comes to making a youtube channel is finding my major niche. It’s really very difficult to find our niche so I had to search online and I found your listings regarding youtube ideas. I have written two ideas from your listings (Podcast and Listicles) and would love to try both of them today. I will get back to you after working on both ideas and thank You for the information.

  6. Hey Dipendra,
    Great article but is it really a valid strategy to create travel videos and not show your face.
    I ask because I have never seen one that does not show it.
    Anyways the article is still great.

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