The Unconventional Guide To Write 1000 Words in 1 Hour

Does writing a 1000 words long article seems like days of job to you?  Well in this post I will share my simple guide to write long articles in less than an hour.

Many pro bloggers suggest writing long form articles and indeed it is a great practice to rank your articles in search engine. Also when you write long articles you are answering all the potential queries a visitor may have regarding the topic.

But how do I actually write long blog posts quickly?

If you are a slow writer that has a pace of writing the same as that of a snail and want to increase your writing speed, this article is gonna help you do so.

I am sure that this post will help you write long articles for your blog or your clients in case you are a freelancer way faster than you have been writing before this.

Here is the exact guide I use to write long blog posts in less than an hour.

#1. Research well before you start writing

Many writers have a habit of writing and searching for related resources at the same time. 

I recommend to research for your topics before you start writing an article

Research at the time of writing articles kill a lot of time and you can’t write in a flow.

If you want to write faster with right facts and figures I would recommend to note down the important points in Evernote or Google Drive or even in your notebook. You can use these details at the time of writing articles so you don’t have to google the details when writing that part in your blog post.

Also if you are a blogger then I would recommend researching for the right keyword before you start writing your article and noting it down in Evernote. 

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#2. Break Your Blog Posts Into Subheadings

This is one of my best techniques for writing long form articles in less time

Breaking your article into subheadings not just help you write an article that is easy to read but also helps the author to write articles faster.

My idea of writing a long article by breaking it into subheading is that, rather than writing 1000 words on a topic, break the topic into 5 sub topics and now you can write 200 words on each sub topic which is much easier and faster than the former case.

So whenever you are writing a long blog post or article, break your article into different subheadings that are relevant to the topic of your blog post.

You can also get the ideas for your subheadings from related keywords from keyword research tools or Google’s people also ask for section.

When you know what subheadings to include in your article, list down all your subheadings first as shown in the image below. 

break your article into subheadings

After you have listed all the subheadings for your blog post, go to the next step.

#3. Begin With The Subheading You Are Most Familiar With

I used to spend a lot of my time on how should I start my article. Then I realised if I cared about other parts of the article first and later come for the initiation, I can save a lot of my time.

As for example, from the image above, suppose I am quite familiar with subheading #3, then I will write about subheading #3 first and later write on other topics which I am less familiar with.

Begin With The Subheading You Are Most Familiar With

To try this technique, start with the subheading that you are most familiar with first and gradually move to the subheadings that you are less acquainted with.

#4. Kill Distractions

I used to sit down to write articles for my blog but end up checking out Instagram feed or watching the new comedy video on YouTube.

If you want to complete your complete article in one sitting then I would recommend to kill all these distractions. Disconnect your internet connection, be in a peaceful place, stop your grammar and spelling error checking tools and start writing.

Also make sure to use the facts and figures as noted in step #1 to write an effective and SEO friendly article.

#5. Don’t Write and Edit At The Same Time

Most bloggers have a habit of writing and editing at the same time. This practice can slow down and can break your flow on writing.

Just write down everything that comes to your mind. If you want to change the words or sentences to make it sound better you can do that later.

You don’t have to write everything perfectly the first time. You can always edit your article and make it error free and best for readers later.

It is the most common step as suggested by most content writers to write articles quickly and I believe the same to write long articles quickly.

#6.  Challenge Yourself

If you love challenges and want to challenge yourself to write continuously, I am sure you will love this step.

This is the step I mostly use when I am trying free writing. It involves an online free app called The Most Dangerous Writing App

With this app you can choose a timing and start writing. Once you start typing you will have to write non stop else a pause of 5 seconds will erase every progress of yours.

Don’t be afraid, the editor will erase everything but you can still download your work as pdf or txt. 

So if you want to challenge yourself to write continuously for some time, this can be the best choice for you.

To challenge yourself with The most dangerous writing app, go to their website and choose a session length for which you want to write non stop for. If you are trying this for the first time, I would recommend choosing a low session length and increase your time as you get used to it. After that click on start writing option.

The most dangerous writing app

Next a plain text editor will open and you can start writing. Don’t stop or you’ll lose your progress.

Final Thoughts:

I hope this simple guide will help bloggers and content writers to write 1000 words in an hour and help you make a fast writer.

This article may not help you write the perfect article in an hour but you can always edit later and make it perfect. 

Don’t forget to share the tips and methods you use to write long articles quickly.

Also don’t forget to share what strategy would you think will help you make a fast writer.

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