How To Do Quality Voice Over For YouTube Videos

Voiceover narration makes your YouTube videos more informative, interesting and engaging. Audio is an important aspect you should look to create amazing videos for YouTube. So in this article you will learn about amazing method and tools that will help you create professional narration or voice over for YouTube videos.

Whether you are creating travel or screencast videos or explainer videos or videos without showing face, narration can add beauty to the videos. 

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Nobody likes to watch videos with crappy sound quality. 

If you use proper methods and tools to record and edit your audio, you don’t have to use expensive gadgets and tools to create professional narration or voiceover videos. We have an article that helps you start a YouTube channel without spending much money if you want to get started on YouTube on low budget.

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Let’s get started on how to create professional voice over narration for YouTube videos.

1. Start With a Script

Scripting your voice over is one of my favorite step to record professional voice over for YouTube videos. If your niche is such that you don’t need scripting like gaming then you can skip this step.

It helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes, pauses and ummms… on your voice over. 

Prepare a script and leave a day gap so that you can make necessary edits and add other things to make your script efficient. You can also make someone read your script to find out the errors and better recommendations of words and sentences. 

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But also make sure to keep your script real and natural sounding.

2. Choosing the right place

choosing a silent place for voice over for YouTube videos

While recording a voice over for YouTube videos, it is very important to choose the right place.

There are noises from inside and outside your home that may get recorded along with your voice over audio. The noises from fans, generators, dogs barking, TV sounds, aeroplane may end up making your voice over sound creepy and disturbing.

To ignore these noises you can try finding a quiet place inside your house, turning off all the devices that are causing noise and record during the times when the noises are minimum or none.

The reverberations from inside the room should also be minimized. You can use thick blankets in front of you to minimize reverberation from walls and carpets on the floor.

If you have some budget, you can use some acoustic foams to reduce noises in your audio.

Also make sure you are reading the script from screen and not from paper to minimize the paper sounds in your audio.

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3. Practice before recording

Practicing before actually recording the final draft is an important secret to record error free voice over

You must know what you are talking about and practice several times before recording the actual audio.

It is always better to look at the recording levels before you begin so that you don’t have to do the whole thing over again.

Also make sure to find the right distance between the mic and your mouth, the correct settings to record professional voiceover while practicing.

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4. Choosing the right equipment

It’s not that you need to spend lots of money on setting up your studio for recording professional audio for your voice over or narration for YouTube videos. But with the right equipment you can record better audio on budget.

Some equipment that you must have for professional voice over for YouTube videos are mic, headphones and pop filter.

Any microphone will work while recording voice over for YouTube videos. You can use simple lavalier microphone or microphone from skype headset or a USB-microphone, that can be connected to your PC. If you have a decent budget you can opt for condenser and dynamic microphones.

Headphones are required to listen to the recorded and edited audio for your videos. You can not hear the disturbances without the headphones and these can help you prepare better audio.

Pop shield helps shield your microphone from pops, clicks, mouth noises and plosives.

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5. Recording and Editing

This is the crucial step of creating professional voice over for your YouTube videos.

Stay hydrated, sound as natural as possible and pronounce each word clearly while recording the audio. Don’t stop when you make a mistake rather take a pause and start from the last sentence again.

Make sure you don’t over do the editing that makes it sound unnatural and edited. Edit such that it adds warmth and beauty to the audio.

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Best Voice Over Software For YouTube Videos

Using the right recording and editing tools can help you worry less about this step. So here are four effective voice over narrative software to record and edit audio for YouTube videos.

5.1 Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a toolset used by many professionals to edit, mix and record audio content. It is the best tool for voice over for YouTube, podcasting as well as sound effect design. 

5.2 Audacity

Audacity is an open source and free software for recording and editing audio. It is easy to use and you can get started with few tutorials on YouTube. 

5.3 WavePad

WavePad is a full featured professional audio editing software that can be helpful to record and edit voice over for YouTube videos. You can cut, copy, paste, add effects, reduce noise, amplify and supports a number of formats. 

5.4 Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is another free, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. It has a simple interface and can be a great editing software for voice over or narration for YouTube videos.

Most video editors have built-in audio editor as well. If you don’t have to do much editing for audio rather than noise reduction and amplification you can edit your audio with the video editors as well.


6. Syncing your voice over with video

This is the final step of adding the final voice over audio to your video. You can do this with a video editor. 

Either it’s a screencast or an explainer video make sure the voice over matches with the video speed.

I hope these tips and tools will help you create a professional successful YouTube channel and make some money from YouTube.

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