The Best Ways to Utilize SEO for Blogspot Blogs

Blogger (Blogspot) is one of the most preferred platforms to start blogging and learn the basics of blogging for many beginner bloggers.

It is used by many bloggers today and is popular among the newbies because of its ease of getting started, not having to worry about the expense of hosting and can be monetized as well. 

Even I started my blogging career with Blogger about three years ago and I can assure you that you can drive traffic and make money from your Blogspot blogs.

Blogspot is a beginner friendly platform to start blogging but if you are looking to do some serious blogging, I would recommend to get started with WordPress. And here’s some articles on starting a WordPress blog.

But if you are on Blogspot platform or want to start a new blog with Blogger, then this guide will help you to do SEO for your blogger blog and drive organic traffic to your blog.

With proper SEO and good content you can get your Blogger blog to rank in Search engines and drive free targeted traffic to your blog. 

This post will include the SEO for blogspot blogs from the basic level to intermediate level. So using these methods you can rank your sites on search engines and drive free organic traffic.

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So let’s get started on SEO for blogspot blogs.

1. Use SEO and Mobile Friendly Theme

The look of your blog determines the ranking of your blog in the search engines. With mobile indexing first announcement by Google, it is necessary for your blog to have a mobile friendly look. 

If your blog is not mobile friendly it badly affects your blog’s ranking on Google. So first you must consider using a mobile and SEO friendly theme for your blog.

Also make sure to use clean and easily navigable theme for your blog. 

Your blog must be fast loading, clean and mobile friendly.

You must understand that people’s engagement is an important aspect for getting better ranks in search engine results. So it is really important for your blog to look good and clean.

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2. Search Description

This is an important element for making your blog and blog posts SEO friendly. Search description provides you the feature to add meta description to your blog and also to your blog posts. 

With search description enabled you can add meta description which can be read by search engine bots. So adding the popular keywords on the meta description can help boost your blog posts ranking on search engines.

To enable search description, log in to your Blogger dashboard and go to Settings>Search Preferences and click on edit on Description under Meta tags option and enable check description.

enable search description

Then add a meta description to your blog in less than 150 words. Make sure to add keyword rich meta description for your blog that explains about your blog.

3. Robots.txt 

You must be really careful with this method for SEO for blogspot blogs. A wrong robots.txt can make your whole site or major part of your site deindexed from search engines. 

Robots.txt is used to stop search engine bots to crawl some non important pages of your blog and directs the bot on which pages to crawl. 

Adding a robots.txt is really important to your blogger blog to wisely used crawl budget by stop crawling of your non important pages.

4. Write SEO Friendly Content

You can’t get rankings in search engines with just simple settings no matter what blogging platform you are using.

Writing seo friendly content is the main key to rank your blog in the search engines. Before I talk much about it, here’s a complete guide to write SEO friendly blog posts for your blog.

You must start your article with proper keyword research, write long form article with at least 1200 words, use proper title and break your article into subheadings and write short paragraphs so make it easily readable.

Also make sure to use internal linking and nofollow external linking and don’t do keyword stuffing in your blog posts.

For more information on writing SEO friendly content check out the post mentioned above.

5. Customizing permalinks

Permalinks play an important role in SEO of blogspot blogs. Many bloggers don’t care much about permalinks of blog posts and publish it without customizing.

To add custom permalink to blog posts in blogger blog while writing an article, click on permalinks and click on custom permalinks. Add keyword rich permalink where each word must be separated by a hyphen (-).

custom permalinks in blogspot blog

And let me make one thing clear, don’t change permalink once your post is published.

6. Add Search Description to Each Post

Before publishing a post in your blogger blog, make sure to add a meta description to your blog post.  

Meta description can be read by search bots and can help your site to get indexed on search engines for the search terms. So you must add keyword rich search description to your blog posts that makes sense to humans as well. 

meta description in blogger blog

To add search description, click on Search description on the right side of your blogger text editor and add meaningful and keyword rich search description.

To use this feature you must enable search description feature as stated in step 2 above.

7. Image Optimization For SEO 

Optimizing your images for SEO is an important aspect for on page seo.

You must use relevant images and images can be a great source to drive traffic from Google Image search.

Google and other search engines can’t read images so you must add alt tags to your images to tell the search engines about the image.

It is simple to add alt tags and title tags to images in blogger blog. To add alt tags, upload an image and click on “Properties” option of the image on your blog post editor and add alt tags that define your image in the alt tags option.

adding alt tag in blogspot blog

Make sure to compress images before uploading to your blog as images can make your site slow. 

To compress your images you can use sites like Compress JPEG and upload it to your blog.

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8. Use Nofollow External Links

Nofollow links can not be crawled by search engines but can be accessed by humans. 

When you are linking a site that doesn’t relate to the niche of your blog you can use this feature in Blogspot easily.

To add nofollow link, you can click on the link and select “Add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute” to make the link nofollow.

nofollow external links

If you are linking the authority sites on the same niche as yours, I would recommend adding dofollow link.

9. Comment SEO

Many blogspot bloggers don’t give much attention to spam comments and approve every comment.

I would recommend bloggers to enable comment moderation and remove spammy comments.

Also while replying to genuine and valuable comments makes sure to add keywords in your comments that add to the keyword density of your post and helps to improve search rankings.

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Wrapping up

These are some simple methods to do SEO for blogspot blogs.  I hope these methods will help your blogger blog get good rankings in search results

I haven’t mentioned the following points in the article above so make sure to do these things as well.

  • Submit sitemap to search engines
  • Do proper internal linking
  • Use custom redirect for broken links
  • Use proper labels
  • Custom 404 page

But with the above mentioned tips you will start to get better results. 

Did I miss any important method to optimize your blogger blog for SEO?

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

And if it helped share this with your friends and family.

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  1. Blogspot indeed is a good platform because they give blogger starters to start their blog without spending money but still its going to be tough to rank a blogger blog. Thankfully you write a blog post to help more blogger users. Good job and keep writing more post!

  2. Boom! Great article. I have few questions in mind. Does “Labels” in Blogspot work as similar to “tags” on WordPress? Is there a way to install WordPress styled comment form in Blogspot?
    Thank you!

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