Quickly Index New Blog Posts On Google

Do you want your blog posts to be indexed in Google quickly?

I bet you love free organic traffic that comes from Google or other search engines. Well I do.

But if your site is not shown on the Google search results, there is no way you can get free organic traffic from Google.

For your site to appear in the search results, the site and the pages on the site have to indexed first by Google.

Indexing is taking longer time than usual.  But you can do more than just waiting for Google to index your blog post.

Well I was searching for simple tips to index my blog posts and ended up getting the usual repeated suggestions of writing seo friendly articles.

So you have written seo friendly articles, using SEO friendly themes, shared your content on social media, no keyword stuffing but still struggling to get your post indexed on Google.

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I got to know about this method to index blog posts quickly from an old article. I tested it with my other two blogs and I was able to index my three new articles in less than 24 hours of using this method.

How to check what pages have been indexed from my site?

First if you want to check which links from your site are index on Google, you can search for “site:yourwebsite.com” (remove quotes and replace yourwebsite.com with your blog’s domain name). It will show all the pages that are indexed in Google from your site.

Indexed pages from google

This will give you the idea for which posts you will have to work to get them indexed on Google.

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If you are an impatient webmaster then this simple trick can help you index your articles quickly. Also if you are looking for ways to get posts related to offers and special occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then this can also help you drive free organic traffic and increase sales by getting your site indexed on Google in less time.

So how does this work?

Well to be honest, I don’t know how it actually works. But I tried it on my new blog and it helped me index my blog and the articles in less than 24 hours.

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Let’s get started.

How To Get Google To Index Your New Blog Post Quickly

After you have completed writing a blog post (or if you already have an article published on your blog that you want to get indexed), go to YouTube and find a video related to the topic of your blog. (Any video will work but try to get a video related to your topic).

Copy the embed code of the video under Share option.

Embed code from youtube

Then head over to your blog and paste the code to your blog post where it makes sense. Else you can add the code at the end of your blog post and publish your blog post.

Embed the code on blog post

Next install the Google XML Sitemap for Videos. You will find a bunch of Video sitemap generators. Here is the one that worked best for me.

Install the plugin and activate it. (I know the plugin hasn’t been updated for a while now but you can deactivate it after you have indexed your posts on Google)

Google XML sitemap for videos plugin

After that head over to your installed plugins page and click on the settings page of that installed plug in. On the next page click on Generate Video Sitemap option.

Generate video sitemap

Once the plugin has finished generating the video sitemap, ping Google to inform about the updated sitemap. Click on ping Google option and it will do the job for you.

Ping google option

After you have pinged Google you can remove the video from your blog post.

Your part of the job has been completed. Now just wait for few hours and check if Google has indexed your article. This can get your article indexed from few minutes to less than 24 hours.

You can use this method after your have published a new article or updated an existing one to ping Google about the updated content.

Final Words

This simple method helped me index three articles from my two blogs in less than a day.

I hope this will help you quickly index your new blog and blog posts on Google and show your site on search results.

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In case of any problems don’t forget to comment below or contact me.

Don’t forget to share your experience on getting your new blog posts indexed quickly.

Happy blogging!

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