6 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free

It’s actually painful to create awesome content and get no views and traction to your YouTube channel and videos. 

So in this blog post I will tell you about the best free ways to promote your YouTube channel that will get viewers attention to your channel and videos and help you grow your YouTube channel

Every minute 500 hours worth of content is published on YouTube. And your videos can easily get hidden in the pool of videos if you just leave them uploaded without any promotions. 

While you can spend loads of money on advertisements and promotions, not every beginner has a budget for promotion. So in this blog post, I will talk about the best free ways to promote your videos.

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There is actually a lot of competition on YouTube no matter what your niche is. Even if you are creating awesome content, you’ll have a hard time getting noticed by your potential viewers. There are many ways you can apply to get into notice by your audience and in this article I will let you know about the best free ways to get noticed by your viewers and grab views and subscribers for free. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Leverage the source that is already getting you views

One of the best ways to get views and subscribers is, finding the source that is already getting you traffic and leverage it. 

To find the sources of your views, log in to your YouTube studio and check analytics. Then click on the Reach tab to see traffic source types. There you can see sources that are actually getting you traffic.

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Suppose for the channel from the screenshot, External sources is the main source of traffic. If you scroll below, you can see that Facebook and Twitter are the main sources of external traffic. 

You can now share other videos to these profiles so that you can possibly get views on other videos as well. 

This method can be done in case of other sources as well.

2. Share on social media sites

If you can use your social media profiles wisely, these can get you plenty of views and subscribers for free. 

You need to recognize your target audience and share your content on different social media groups and communities to get views and subscribers on your YouTube channel for free.

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Here are some of my favorite social media sites to get free promotion for your YouTube channel.

2.1 Facebook

Facebook is a great social media channel to get traction to any niche. 

Rather than randomly sharing videos on your timeline and spamming the video on your friend’s inbox, you can actually join Facebook groups related to your channel’s niche and share them with the members

Personally Facebook groups have been a great source of getting views and traffic to my new YouTube channel. 

If you are creating tutorial type videos, then you can answer the queries of the members on Facebook group with your video’s link.

2.2 Twitter

Twitter is another great source to get traction to your new videos.

Before actually sharing your video’s links on Twitter, you need to build some following of people interested in your topics. To do so you can involve commenting and conversations on established Twitter handles on the same niche as yours. Also following other handles have a great chance of getting follow backs. 

Whenever you share your videos on Twitter, you must include relevant hashtags related to your videos. Using popular tags can actually increase the impressions and engagement on your Tweet.

2.3 Reddit

Reddit is my favorite source to promote YouTube videos for free. 

It has many subreddits on different niches and topics, where you can share your YouTube videos to get views and subscribers for free

While some subreddits may have strict rules regarding posting external links, most subreddits allow occasional self-promotion as long as it provides some value to the members of the sub-reddit. 

When the members like your content, they can upvote your post which allows you to reach more audience ultimately getting you more traffic and subscribers for free.

2.4 Instagram

Another awesome social media to promote your YouTube videos and channel for free is Instagram. 

You can create a business account of your YouTube channel on instagram and post contents related to your channel. If you have a good following on Instagram, you can turn them into viewers and subscribers on YouTube.

Instagram has an IGTV feature which allows you to share videos. You can add teasers and snippets of your main video from your channel and drive them to YouTube to catch the whole video. 

You can’t actually share links on Instagram posts so you must include your channel’s link on bio. 

Bonus Tip

Whenever you share your content on social media, it is a great idea to share your playlists link. 

You can arrange related videos on a playlist or if you already have a playlist then you can share the link on social media channels. This way the audience who actually visits the link tends to watch more of your videos than when you share a single video. 

I have used it myself and in my opinion this is a great way of free promotion when you create tutorial series. 

3. Don’t ignore SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet after Google. 

If you want to get organic audiences and subscribers, you need to keep SEO in mind. 

You can start planning for your videos with Keyword research. Keyword research is actually the process of finding the keywords that you want to rank for in searches. And you must optimize your title, description, tags and your main content as per the keywords. 

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You can learn more about keyword research for growing your YouTube channel here

Another important factor for getting your videos on top of search results for particular keywords is audience retention. You need to hold your audience as long as possible which provides good signal to YouTube so that your video ranks higher. 

You can write an effective script for YouTube videos to actually increase audience retention and increase watch time. 

Also encouraging your audience for any sort of engagement like, comments or subscribe is also essential which you can do by creating awesome content and strong CTA in your video script.

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4. Embed videos on blogs and websites

If you are a brand or a blog owner trying to get into YouTube, embedding your videos on your website and blog is also a great way to promote your YouTube channel for free

Embedding your videos on your blog or website has dual benefits. Your videos get free promotion and also it increases the average session time of your visitor on blog which helps to improve your search rankings. 

You can contact other blog owners to embed your videos in their blog in case you don’t own a blog or website yourself. If you have good quality videos on the content that is similar to the topic of the blog post, bloggers would be glad to embed your videos on their post.

5. Collaboration with other creators

Collaboration is actually a great way to promote your YouTube channel for free. 

When you collaborate with other content creators on YouTube, you get exposed to other new audiences who most of the time visit your channel and subscribe to it if they like your content. 

It may sound a straightforward process while it may be actually hard to find that no established YouTubers would want to collaborate with a newbie YouTube creator. What you can actually do is find other creators on the similar niche as yours who have more or less same subscriber count as yours and ask for a collaboration

Another great way to collaborate with other creators is creating interview videos with them. 

I have actually noticed myself interview videos get a good response and can help to promote your channel for free. 

6. Commenting on others videos

When you comment something valuable on the videos of other channels similar to your niche, there is a fair chance many viewers actually click on your channel and view your content. 

Commenting not only gets you viewers but also helps you to build connections with other content creators. You can later use these connections to do collaborations. 

I recommend subscribing to your competitor’s channel with bell notifications enabled. Whenever they post new content, try to comment valuable insights which can get you more likes and replies.

If you are lucky enough, you can get your comment pinned. This can actually get you exposed to more of their viewers who will visit your channel and watch your content. 


It is a great way of free YouTube promotion if used wisely. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of my favorite free ways to promote your YouTube channel and videos. 

You can use all or some of these according to your preference. I hope these methods will help you grow your YouTube channel.

What are your favorite free ways to promote your YouTube channel for free?

Let us know in the comments below.

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