9 Must Have Apps For YouTube Creators in 2022

Managing a YouTube channel can be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be. 

While it may seem to be a simple task to publish videos on YouTube, there is a long process that goes into making the video and uploading it to YouTube. So in this blog post, I have mentioned the best (android and ios) apps that can help you ease the process of creating and publishing your content on YouTube with your smartphone.

YouTube has become a competitive platform for content creators. If you want to succeed on YouTube, you must have a great quality content that is valuable to your viewers. 


In this article I have mentioned some of my favorite android and ios apps that are helpful in the process from planning till production of content for YouTube. 

While it is a good option to have laptops and other gadgets as a content creator for YouTube, you can still start a channel on budget and succeed on the platform. This article is gold if you are someone who manages a YouTube channel with a smartphone. Also I assure you that these apps will be beneficial to every content creator on YouTube.

All these apps are available for free. So there’s no harm in checking out these apps before you decide to keep using them to manage your channel.

So let’s have a look at the best free (android and ios) apps every YouTubers must have.

1. Google Keep

Availability: Android, ios

Planning your content is an essential step of creating content on YouTube. You need to have a pre-planned structure of what your content is going to be and what topics you will cover on the video. 

Google keep is an awesome app to have simple notes for your videos. I use this app to keep a list of content ideas for my future videos. Also this can be a goto app to write scripts for your video when you are outside your studio. The best thing about this app is, you can check content written on this app through any device by logging in with your google account details. 

You can also use Keep for storing information like keywords for tags, title and descriptions before using them in your videos. Also this can be used as a simple to do or checklist app to manage things for your channel in order. 

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In addition to Google Keep, you can use Google docs on your smartphone to write scripts and important points to mention on your videos.

Alternatively you can use Evernote instead of Google Keep for this process.

2. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the tools I keep recommending in this blog for YouTubers. It is a YouTube channel manager extension that gets integrated with your YouTube page which can help you manage your channel with ease. TubeBuddy even has a mobile app to manage your YouTube channel.

With the TubeBuddy mobile app, you can view your live subscriber count, do a proper keyword research, view suggested tags for your video, and share on social networks right from your mobile phone. 

One of my favorite features of TubeBuddy is keyword research. You can boost your rankings on YouTube search results for targeted keywords with proper keyword research and using appropriate keywords on your videos. 

TubeBuddy is a must have app even on computers for YouTube content creators.

3. YouTube Studio

Availability: Android, ios

YouTube studio is one app that every YouTube content creator must have. It is used by many YouTubers and if you are not already using it, then you must download it right away.

With YouTube Studio mobile app, you can manage your YouTube channels on the go. You can review your latest stats, check and respond to comments, upload custom thumbnails to your videos, schedule videos to upload and receive notifications for your channel as a creator. 

My favorite feature on YouTube studio is to view and analyse analytics. You can view different analytics like Views, traffic sources, search terms that are getting you views, audience demographics and many more for the overall channel and also for each video. You can then optimize your channel as per the different analytics to get more views.

4. Canva

Availability: Android, ios 

Creating images and graphics is an important part of creating content on YouTube. 

Canva is a must have tool for every YouTuber to create graphics and images for your YouTube channel. 

You can create logos, channel banners, and thumbnails with canva for free. 

Canva is a versatile graphic design app which can help you create graphics for your different social media requirements for free. You can create logos, Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts and stories and even YouTube thumbnails and free intros with Canva. 

Canva’s web app and mobile app sync with each other so that you can keep editing on both desktop and mobile devices.

Not everything on Canva is free. But for a beginner level YouTuber, the free resources will be sufficient on this app.

The pro version costs around $13.10 /month. You can upgrade to the pro version to access more resources and tools on canva. 

Also Pixellab is another great app to create thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

5. Open Camera

Availability: Android

Open camera is a must have app to those YouTubers who are using smartphones to capture videos for their YouTube channel. 

You can use the Open Camera app to create high quality videos for your channel with just your smartphone. It has some awesome built in features like auto stabilization, anti-bending, face detection, white balance and HDR support. 

If you are someone who is thinking of starting a YouTube channel without spending on a DSLR, you can try this app to create videos. 

With Open Camera you can create DSLR quality videos without owning or using a DSLR. And the best thing is it is completely free.

My favorite feature on Open Camera is the options to choose audio source for audio recording. That way you can use your external mic to record audio for your videos. 

6.  RecForge II

Availability: Android

Audio is an important aspect of your YouTube videos. 

No matter if you are creating voice over videos for educational content or recording songs, the audio must be clear and soothing. 

RecForge is an awesome app to record good quality audio for your videos. It has a support for external microphone, skip silences, live audio spectrum analyser, recording on background and many other awesome features.

In most of the cases, the voice recorder that comes with your smartphone pre-installed can do most of the audio recording job for your videos. But if you are looking for a professional mobile app to record better audio, RecForge II could be a wise choice. 

7. Lexis Audio Editor

Availability: Android, ios

As I mentioned earlier, you must have a good quality audio to create good quality videos on YouTube. 

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For creating good audio, only the video recording app couldn’t be sufficient in most cases. That is why you need an audio editor. If you are a desktop user, then Audacity is the best audio editing software available for free. For mobile phone users, Lexis Audio editor is one of the best tools to have on your smartphone for audio editing purposes.

With Lexis you can record, trim your audio, remove background noise, compress, equalize and normalize your audio for better sounding voice over or audio. 

It even has a pro version but you can stick with the free version for basic features.

8. Video Editor

One of the most important apps to have as a YouTuber or a video content creator is a video editor. 

No matter you are creating face cam videos or faceless videos, you need to have a video editor installed on your phone. 

Having a video editor on your phone allows you to edit videos on the go. Also I know many YouTubers who run YouTube channels just with a smartphone meaning all the editing is done from their smartphone.

There are many video editors available for smartphones. Most of the best apps add a watermark and you’ll have to pay to get those removed. 

Among the premium video editors Kinemaster, Powerdirector are some of the best video editing apps. 

If you are looking for free video editors, Vlogit, GoPro are some of the good choices. 

9. Streamlabs

Availability: Android, ios

Live Streaming is a great way to interact with your audience and some of the YouTubers need to do Live stream regularly (eg. gamers). 

With the Streamlabs app, you can conduct live streams right from your mobile. Streamlabs allows you to stream live to YouTube and Twitch. 

You can create custom disconnect scenes, stream video or screen and get different widgets to make your stream interactive and professional. And no watermark is added to your stream. 

My favorite feature of this app is that you can add different widgets like chat Box, alert box, donation ticker and more. 

If you need an app for live streaming as a gamer or even if you are planning to conduct a live streaming on a non gaming channel, this could be the best app for YouTubers to do so from a smartphone.


I hope this list of must have apps for YouTube content creators will help you create great quality content and increase your productivity with your smartphone. 

Having these apps on your smartphone can be helpful for different tasks from planning your content to publishing it on YouTube. 

Which one is your favorite mobile app as a YouTuber? Don’t forget to let us know about other apps you use as a YouTube content creator on the comments below. 

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