How To Get Video Ideas For YouTubers?

One of the common suggestions you get to build a successful YouTube channel from scratch is creating and uploading quality content regularly in your YouTube channel .

But you may wonder, “How do I actually get content ideas to create videos consistently? “ In this post I’ll try to answer this query. 

I will list and mention some methods where you can get YouTube video ideas for beginners as well as established content creators. And regardless of the niche that you are working on, I’m sure these methods will help you get a stream of ideas for YouTube videos for free.

No matter if you are a beginner or an established video content creator or influencer, there’ll be a time when you’ll run out of ideas for your next video.  So these methods will assist you to have endless stream ideas for content creators on every niche. And at the end of this list, I’ll recommend something that will help you never run out of video ideas for YouTube. 

Let’s get started.

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Keyword research

This is one of my favorite ways to find ideas for content creation be it YouTube or blogs. 

Keyword research is a way of finding the right keywords that can help you rank your content higher in search engines. Besides you can also find new content ideas with related keywords.

You can enter a seed keyword in a keyword research tool and it’ll deliver you a list of related keywords and their search volume and other details. Search volume is the stat that shows how many searches for that term are registered monthly in search engines roughly. 

Here are some best free keyword tools for YouTube. You can use Google and YouTube autocomplete to find related ideas on a seed topic that can give you ideas for content creation on YouTube.

YouTube Autocomplete search predictions

One of my favorite YouTube tools (that I recommend every YouTuber must use) is TubeBuddy. With integrated keyword tools in TubeBuddy you can find content ideas and best keywords you can use in your video metadata in YouTube to rank higher in YouTube searches. 

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Read blogs and news

Another great way to find ideas for video creation on YouTube is reading and following blogs and news sites related to your channel. 

No matter if you are working on a gaming channel or a  tech channel, you can follow and read authority blogs on the niche to find motivation and ideas for your YouTube videos. 

Apart from that reading magazines and newspapers in your niche can give you better ideas for your next video. 

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Check your competitors content

There are other content creators who create content on the same topics as yours. 

Taking a look at their contents can give a good idea of what is trending in the niche and what your audience actually are enjoying. You can spy on their content keeping these things in mind; what videos are getting better engagement and what people are actually willing to watch in your niche

Then you can create videos on those topics making them so better that they outrank your competitors. It doesn’t mean creating the same content as theirs, but you can get motivation and ideas for the videos checking your competitor’s contents.

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Check Comments

Comment section is a great place to find video ideas for YouTubers that actually have a potential of getting a good engagement since the recommendations are directly from the audience. 

You must check the comment section of your videos regularly to not miss those queries that can actually be turned into videos. 

If your channel is fairly new and does not receive much comments another great place to find video ideas is checking comment sections of other content creators who create videos on the same topic as yours

Ideas for content on comments

If you can create interesting and engaging videos with this approach, this can actually help you grow your channel as well.

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Join forums and communities

Discussion forums are not actually as popular as they used to be in the past. But the forums, groups and communities on different social media platforms can provide video content creators some valuable ideas for videos on YouTube.

You can join forums on the topics related to your channel and regularly follow the queries of the users. If you are not sure what forums are available on your niche, you can search for Facebook groups that have users interested in the topics on your channel to find ideas for videos

You can also promote your videos through those forums and groups when relevant for free but make sure not to spam every video link on those discussion groups.

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Follow the trends

Another great way to come up with video ideas that have a potential to go viral is finding out the trends and following them

By this I don’t mean do something that everyone is doing but doing what people are actually searching for. You can use tools like Google Trends and Buzzsumo to find out what topics are and have a potential of going viral on the internet. 

You can head over to google trends and enter a topic or phrase on something related to your channel. Then you can check the graph to find out interest over time. 

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Here’s the resultant graph of interest over time from 2004 to present time on the term “influencer marketing” which shows the interest is rising and if you can make videos on this topic, then there are audiences who are interested in this. 

Also you can find the region of interest and related keywords if you scroll below which can provide you more content ideas for YouTube.

Similarly with buzzsumo, you can find contents that are being shared on different social media by entering a seed keyword. This can also give you some good content ideas.


Reddit is a social sharing site where users share news, queries and posts. 

It is actually a great place to find video ideas for YouTube and other video content creation. 

You can join sub-reddits on topics related to your channel and also join your local subreddit where you can find queries and posts that can provide you a massive list of ideas for videos.

Even pewdiepie has a segment called “Reddit Review” where he reviews memes and stuff from his own subreddit.

Ask your audience

If you can ask people what they want to watch and deliver the same to them then this is an actual win-win for both content creators and the audience.

But you don’t want to ask your audience everytime you create a new video. What you can actually do is pin a comment asking for videos, creating and posting polls on youtube videos and community tab for people to choose topics they are interested in and you can also use other social media channels like Twitter and instagram for video ideas with your audience. 

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How to never run out of video ideas for YouTube?

With the methods mentioned above you’ll come with a long list of videos on any topics and niches. But there’s something you can do to be prepared for next videos and never run out of ideas for creating content on YouTube. 

Before creating content, you must research what is actually trending and what people are actually loving in your niche. Also find the trends and topics that are ranking higher on the searches. 

The next step is capturing content ideas whenever you get them. You can get great content ideas anytime and anywhere. You won’t want to forget those valuable ideas and bang your head on the wall in vain. 

So you must have a habit of writing ideas whenever you get them. You’ll get some great ideas from the methods mentioned above. You must write them somewhere so that you can check the topics for next videos when you are ready to create content on those topics.

I recommend using free tools like Google Keep, Google Docs or Evernote to capture content ideas. You can also draft a brief plan for your videos using these free tools. Also you can access the ideas from anywhere using the internet with these tools. 

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You can have a long list of ideas and keep adding to the list whenever you come across a new idea for content. This way you will always have an endless stream of video ideas for YouTube. 


With the tools mentioned above you can find video ideas that have a potential of ranking higher on searches, getting a good audience engagement and growing your channel on YouTube.

These are some of my best free ways to find video ideas for YouTubers. 

If there are other ways that can provide content creators motivation and content ideas for YouTubers, make sure to comment with those ways below. 

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