Top Best Free WordPress Hosting Provider (With Tutorial)

When someone thinks of starting a new WordPress blog, then he must certainly think of purchasing a domain name and hosting.

As far as I know, most beginners don’t want to or can’t afford to pay for the expensive hosting expenses that costs around 7$ per month.

I myself had to wait for three years before I started my first blog on WordPress after I started blogging with blogger. It was not just only because I couldn’t afford hosting for my WordPress site but the payment methods available in any hosting providers were not available in my location.

So if you are in the same situation as me and most of the beginners, then free WordPress hosting is the best solution for you right now. Also in this post I will be showing you about the best most powerful and free WordPress hosting to host your first blog.

Here are some of the benefits of using free WordPress hosting:

  • Completely free, you don’t have to pay a single penny not even enter credit card details to use hosting
  • Perfect for beginners in blogging who have no knowledge on using WordPress
  • Also best for developers who develop WordPress themes and plugins
  • You can begin with free WordPress hosting and later upgrade to premium hosting when you learn using WordPress interface.


When you have to pay around 7$ per month for using other hosting services, there are some free hosting providers. What’s the catch?

You must know that any free hosting providers have some shortcomings. They provide you limited space and resources. Most free hosting providers gives you around or less than 1 GB disk space while the premium plans have unlimited space and bandwidth.

Bloggers are recommended not to use free WordPress hosting because either the free hosting providers put an ads on your blog, have to bear downtime, have poor support and are not much reliable. Also they may delete your site with prior notice.

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So if you are thinking of starting a professional blog or website on WordPress, then I would suggest you to go ahead and buy the hosting with Hostinger. Hostinger provides hosting services for as low as 0.80$/month and it is the cheapest and most reliable hosting service available on the internet at the moment. If you want to get started on Hostinger, here’s a complete guide to start a new site on WordPress.

If you are someone who is thinking of starting a new blog in 2020, and looking for most reliable free WordPress hosting then you have reached the best place.

In this post here is a complete illustrated tutorial on using free managed WordPress hosting in 2020.

So let’s gets started with our free hosting provider to host your WordPress blog.

The best free WordPress hosting I would be discussing about in this post is . Wordplace is managed WordPress hosting provider which is on the market since 2009. It is the child company of WooServers which provides cloud hosting services.

This post is going to be sort of review and complete tutorial on free WordPress hosting testing.

Why WordPlace For Free WordPress Hosting? provides you free managed WordPress hosting and that too for lifetime. It provides you with a disk space of 500 MB to host your WordPress site and 10 GB bandwidth.

You can install WordPress on your custom domain with WordPlace. It installs WordPress instantly to your site, so you don’t have to worry about installing WordPress manually.

And the best thing about it is it provides free SSL certificate for your WordPress site.

So if you are thinking of starting a blog on WordPress, then this free plan will do the work for you. As long as you are not creating the WordPress site with large images and videos and using it for storage purpose, the free hosting will be perfect for you.

Well 500 MB is not just the free storage you will get with WordPlace. If you can refer your friends to WordPlace, then you’ll be rewarded 100 mb additional disk space for each referral. So if you want to get extra disk space for your site this can be a free solution to your hosting need.

So let me tell you about the pros and cons of using WordPlace:


  • Free managed WordPress hosting for lifetime
  • 500 MB free disk space (Get 100 MB extra disk space for each referral)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • You can use this with your own custom domain
  • Sets up WordPress instantly to your site
  • Free managed WordPress hosting cpanel

So you are getting all these premium features for completely free. What are the cons?

Well to be honest I haven’t found much cons of using it. It provides just 500 MB storage which may not be sufficient for some bloggers and the concept of referring may not be usable for everyone. So that’s one con I can count as a con for right now.

Also they have clearly mentioned that although it is completely free to use their hosting service, they will put a backlink to their website to WordPress installation. Well that would not be a problem for beginner and small businesses.

Let’s see the cons.


  • Only 500 MB disk space
  • A backlink of their service will be put in your site during installation

As long as you are using free hosting for starting a blog, testing or even for small business, then WordPlace will be the most reliable and free WordPress hosting provider for you. I have been using this since April 2019 and it has been doing good for my other WordPress site. So if you have made up your mind, let’s get started.

If you have decided to get a free hosting with WordPlace, the first thing you would have to do is get a domain name. You can get domain name for around 10$/year. You can use the links below to get a domain name in cheap.

After you have registered a domain name for your blog, then you are good to go ahead and build your site on WordPress.

Now go to and click on Signup For free.

WordPlace home

On the next page enter the domain name you registered on the first step and click on Next. The best thing about WordPlace is you can use your own custom domain name and don’t have to use sub domain with free WordPress hosting.

Use existing domain name

When you have entered your domain name and proceeded to next step, then you will be shown your order summary. You can see that the due amount is zero that means there is no hidden fee on using it.

Check Due Amount

On the next step you will have to enter your personal details to sign up for a new hosting account. You can also see the payment method option but don’t worry because you won’t be asked to enter the payment details no matter what payment method you choose.

Enter your details final step

After you have filled all the details click on Complete Order option.

On completing the order you will receive an email for activating your hosting account.

Also you will receive the nameservers details to connect your domain name to WordPlace free hosting. For that you will have to log in to your domain registrar and enter the following nameservers in your DNS.

Update naemservers

After you have added the nameservers to your domain name, now you will have to wait till the domain name is linked to your hosting account. You can check this by opening your domain name in the web browser and it will automatically open a WordPress site when linked.

After your domain name has been linked to your free hosting account, now you can log in to your WordPlace account. Click Services from your dashboard.

WordPlace dashboard

You’ll be shown the free WordPress hosting on your domain name. Click on it and it will show you the Hosting information.

Product and Services

Click on the Log in to Plesk Control Panel option and you will be redirected to the managed WordPress hosting cpanel.

Log in to Plesk Cpanel

As WordPlace has automatically installed WordPress for you, you won’t have to manually do it. You can log in to your WordPress panel from your cpanel clicking on the Log in option.


After this I would suggest all the users to create a new user and provide the administrator rights and delete the default user. For this click on Log In from your cpanel and you will be logged in into your WordPress dashboard. After that, click on User and click Add user from the WordPress dashboard. Add a new user and provide the administrator role to the user.


Now log out from your wordpress dashboard and log in with the new user details. After that, delete the default user from your WordPress site.

Now you are ready to use your WordPress site.

If you want free SEO friendly themes for your WordPress site then here is a list of 9 Free SEO friendly WordPress theme.

How To Install Free SSL in WordPlace Free Hosting?

The best thing about WordPlace is it provides free SSL certificate even with Free WordPress hosting.

To enable free SSL certificate log in to your WordPlace account and click on Lets Encrypt from the Cpanel.

After that enter your email address and check if you want www with your domain name. And click on Install option. SSL will be enabled on your site.

One more step to enable SSL all over your site, just log in to your WordPress dashboard and install a Plugin named Really Simple SSL and enable it. It will take care of all the things about SSL in your site.

So this is all about the best and most reliable free WordPress hosting. If you have any queries regarding it, you can drop them in the comments below.

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But, What If Your WordPress Hosting Requirements Increase?

I won’t recommend free hosting if you have learnt enough about using WordPress and serious about blogging and want to make money of it. Free hosting is not recommended for business sites and serious blogging sites.

So if you have built a site on WordPlace with free hosting and your requirements increase, then you will have two options. Either upgrade with WordPlace or Migrate your site to other hosting services.

WordPlace provides Premium managed wordpress hosting for 19$/month. It provides you with 10000 MB disk space and can handle unlimited traffic and plugins. You can upgrade to Business plan without losing any data.

Else if you want to migrate to other hosting services you can do so too. You can get hosting for as low as 0.80$/month with Hostinger.

Or you can use these cheap WordPress hosting sites to host your site and most of them offers Free migration.

With these options you don’t have to worry about using WordPlace for your free WordPress hosting.

Final Thoughts:

I have been using this service for about a month for my other WordPress site and I haven’t got a single problem with it till now.

So if you have a domain name, then I would recommend you to go with . Make sure you take periodic backups of your site while using free hosting for your WordPress site. You can do so with many free backup plugins available.

But if you are looking for a hosting for your business site or a serious blog then I would recommend going with Hostinger or any cheap hosting providers as mentioned above.

Of all the free WordPress hosting providers, I love the most. Let me know what you think of it.

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