Where to Find Copyright Free Music for YouTube?

Choosing the right music is an essential part of creating videos on YouTube. But choosing a random music from Google or YouTube can get you a copyright strike which will take your video down. 

The right music on your video can make your videos even more interesting and engaging, convey the mood clearly and get your audience focused on your content. 

Also using the good and relevant music can improve the quality of your voice over on videos or intros.

You don’t have to spend a fortune in getting the right awesome track that drives your audience in. There are many websites that provide free music for YouTubers and video content creators.


YouTube seems to have a strict policy against copyright issues. You may want to use popular songs and music from the billboard chart. But the problem is you may get into copyright issues for using any random music.

The cons of using copyrighted music in your videos is you may have monetization disabled on that particular video and the copyright owner for the music will receive all your earnings for that particular video. Or you may get a copyright strike which will get your videos taken down. So it is necessary to find copyright free music for your projects.

No Copyright Vs Royalty Free

If you search for free music on search engines, then Copyright free and Royalty free are two terms that you’ll constantly find on the results. So before diving into the lists of sites to find free music and sound effects, let’s understand these terms first. 

Although both the terms sound as if they are free to use in the videos, there is a difference which can get you into trouble for using them in your videos. 

Any music of others is the property of the artist or the record label. You can not share those online without the permission of the artist. This is the definition of copyright.

Copyright free material is the one which is permitted by the artists or record label to use free in your projects. They may still ask you to provide appropriate crediting for using them in your videos. 

In most of the cases, royalty free is not free. You may have to pay a one time fee and don’t have to pay recurring royalty to the owner. So you may have to pay once (or nothing) and use forever for using them in the videos. 

In this article, I have listed some of my favorite free resources to find awesome music for your YouTube videos.

1. YouTube Music Library

YouTube Music Library is an awesome place to find music for your videos for free. These music are aggregated by YouTube for video content creators to use in their videos. 

But you must make sure to check the licensing type on each music and sound effect before using them on your videos. Some of the music requires appropriate crediting for using them in your project. If you select “Attribution not required” from the “Search or filter library” option, then you’ll find music that doesn’t require any credits to the author. 

You can sort the music available by different moods, genre, artist, date added and duration. 

YouTube also has a different library for sound effects where you can find different sound effects for your video project as well. 

2. YouTube Channels

There are many YouTube channels that are providing music and songs for free that you can use for free in your projects. These songs are either uploaded by the creator themselves or aggregated by the user from different sources. 

Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels that provide free music and songs for your videos.

2.1 No Copyright Sound

If you search for no copyright music on YouTube, NoCopyrightSounds is one of the top channels that pop up on the search results. 

This channel has a wide range of music and songs that are free to use. 

But you must make sure to check the description of the video as some music requires proper crediting to the original author.

2.2 Audio Library – Music for content creators

Audio Library is another great channel for video content creators to find copyright free music for YouTube. 

You have to credit the original author in your description for using the songs and music from this channel in your projects.

2.3 Vlog No Copyright Music

If you are looking to find upbeat music for vlogs or travel videos, this channel has the right music for you. 

The download link for the music is available on the video description. Also you need to copy paste the crediting from the description in your video description for using the music from this channel on your videos.

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3. Collaborate with Artists

If you want to use music and songs that are unique and are not used by many or any videos on YouTube, one of the best ways to find such music is to collaborate with artists. 

You can find the underrated artists on YouTube or soundcloud, reach them via email or dms. You’ll have to credit the original artist on the video so that it can benefit them as well. Also you need to ask the artist to whitelist your channel for using his audio so that you don’t get a strike. This way you both have equal benefits. You get free music for your video and the artist will get some recognition for his/her work.

4. Royalty Free Music (Free)

I have listed some best sites to find royalty free music which are actually free. You don’t have to pay anything for using them in your videos.

Here are my favorite sites for finding royalty free music.

4.1 Pixabay Music

Pixabay is known for a large library of copyright free images and video stock footage. But many are unknown about the free music library by Pixabay.

You can find many kinds of music according to the genre and mood. The best thing is the tracks are free for commercial and non commercial projects and you don’t have to provide any crediting.

4.2 MixKit

Mixkit is another great resource for YouTubers to find free stock footage, music and templates. 

It has a library of free music to use in your video projects for free. As mentioned on their sidebar, all the music is royalty free and you can use them without sign up and no attribution.

The audio can be sorted and filtered by Genre, Mood and tags.

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Music is an essential part of video content production. Here I have listed some best free resources to find free music for your videos on YouTube or other purposes. 

YouTube itself has a wide range of music as mentioned above on the posts. Also I mentioned best royalty free music with no fees and attribution required. 

I always recommend checking the licensing before using the audio or any other assets on your project. 

Make sure to share this with your friends and followers on social media so everyone can find the best copyright free music for their projects.

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