11 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO [2020]

Do you want your articles to be found on the first page of Google and other search engines?

Well finding the right keywords and using them in your articles can help you do this. And for finding the right keywords, you have to use the keyword research tools.

Keyword research tools can help you find out the exact terms people are searching on the search engines, related terms and how profitable the keywords are. You can even come up with the content ideas using these keyword research tools.

Despite the usefulness of these tools, not everyone can afford to invest a lot money in keyword research tools. So I have compiled a list of best and completely free keyword research tools for SEO.

Before diving into the list of best free keyword research tools, let me tell you why keyword research is important for SEO.

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Why is Keyword Research Important?

Have you thought how google shows you the results when you search for something?

Well let me tell you this in simple, google looks for the match of the search term in the articles of different sites and the search results are displayed. There are other things that matters in ranking but if you can find out the search and related terms and use these in your blog articles relevantly then it can help you appear on the search results for those terms.

This is where Keyword Researching can help you. You can find these keywords that are actually being searched in Google and other similar keywords using the Keyword research tools. These tools can also help you find the CPC and how difficult it is to rank for those keywords in search engines organically.

Also you can grow you channel with proper keyword research.

So in a nutshell proper Keyword Research and using the relevant keywords in your articles can help you drive organic traffic to your site. So keyword research is extremely important for On-Page SEO of your articles.

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How Do I Use These Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO?

When I first started blogging I had no idea about using keyword research for ranking my articles on google. So in this section I will be sharing a simple idea to find the right keywords for your next article and how to use them for writing a SEO Friendly article.

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After you have decided on what topic you are going to write about on your next article go ahead and make a search on google to see how many authority sites have already written on the topic. Make sure you write on the topic on which not much authority sites have written about so that you can rank easily for that keyword on search engines.

Also you must target long tail keywords so that you can rank easily on search engines. Firstly, what actually is long tail keyword? Long tail keywords are three or more words keywords that are actually related to a specific to a topic that a broad subject.

As for example “weight loss” is a competitive keyword with over 368K search volume. If you want to rank for the search related to this keyword, you should rather try to rank for a long tail keyword like “weight loss diet plan” or “7 day diet plan for weight loss” so that you can rank easily for these keywords as these are less competitive than the short tail keyword.

So while you are using a keyword research tool, you must target a keyword that has decent search volume (number of searches per month for that keyword), is less competitive and is profitable(has high CPC).

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Let’s start our list of best keyword research tools for free for ranking your articles in search engines.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

1. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is a great FREE Keyword research tool for SEO. It helps you find the Search volume, how hard it is to rank for the exact keyword on search engines, cost per click and even the Paid Difficulty of the keyword.

You can access this tool for free with limited usages or upgrade to a pro version for more and unrestricted features.

For the long-tail keywords, you can click on the Keyword ideas option from the left side bar and it will display a list of related long tail keywords with all the details as mentioned above.

UberSuggest keywords generated

One of the best feature is it displays the Search Difficulty in terms of number from 1 to 100, 1 being easy to rank.

Ubersuggest Free Keyword Research Tool

UberSuggest also displays the top websites which are ranking for the keyword you searched for and what estimated traffic the page is driving from search engines monthly and also the Domain Authority of the website.

The best part about UberSuggest is you can use this tool even for competitor’s keyword analysis. You can enter the domain name of a site of similar niche as yours and find out the exact keywords, top pages driving organic traffic and even the estimated traffic on the pages monthly, they are ranking for in Search engines.

You can turn on the filters and use the filters as you need with UberSuggest. Also you can export the keywords and other data as csv and save it for future reference.

2. Keywords Everywhere

Update: Keywords Everywhere is now a paid tool and you’ll need to purchase points in order to get stats for keywords you search. But you can still use this tool to get long tail keywords for free without the stats.

Keywords everywhere is actually a browser extension that helps you find out keywords literally everywhere.

When you search for something in your browser it displays the search volume and CPC of the keywords right under the bar. Also it also displays the details for the related keywords at the bottom of the page. Not just Google it displays the keyword data in 16 websites including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Answer the public and so on.

Related Searches Keywords Everywhere stats

The best part is, it generates a bulk of related keywords and other keywords people are searching on the right side of Google search page. You can copy or export these keywords as csv using this awesome tool.

Related Keywords on Keyword everywhere

Here I made a search for the term “weight loss” and I am amazed to see the Keyword suggestion on the People Also Search For section. It displays even more profitable and less competitive keywords with decent search volume.

So even if you are using other keyword tools, I would suggest you to install this extension on your browser for finding the profitable keywords on the go.  

3. Google Keywords Planner

Many bloggers may have probably heard of Google Keyword Planner at any point of their blogging career.

Keyword Planner is one of the most trusted keyword research tool in the industry. Why? The data comes directly from Google.

Adwords Keyword planner can help you find long tail keywords and the top bids that advertisers on making on a keyword all for completely free.

It is easy to get started with keyword planner. You just have to head over to adwords keyword planner and click Find New Keywords. Now all you have to do is enter the seed keyword or a URL and it will show you the list of all the keyword ideas.

Google Keywords Planner

Also you can organise the keywords as per the CPC or search volume in keywords planner.

If you are just starting out and looking for most reliable keywords data then it can be for you.

4. Answer The Public

AnswerThePublic is one of the best free keyword research tool if you are looking for a tool that gives you content ideas along with long tail keywords.

It actually finds out the questions related to the keywords that people are actually searching in the search engines. And questions also provide a great inspiration for content.

It is easy to use and you don’t even have to create an account to use this awesome tool. You just have to head over to AnswerThePublic and enter your seed keyword. After that it will display all the questions in visual forms people are actually searching on the search engines. The bright green dotted keywords are the keywords with more search volumes and tend to be more competitive.

AnswerThePublic search cloud

You can also view the keywords as list on clicking on Data mode. The keywords can also be exported as csv.

AnswerThePublic List View of keywords

AnswerThePublic can also display a list of related keywords as well.

The only limitation of using this tool is, you don’t get actual statistics about the volume of search of keywords, how profitable the keyword is and how competitive the keyword is.

But I would recommend this awesome tool if you are looking a free keyword research tool that also gives you tons of content ideas.

5. WMS Everywhere

WMS everywhere is a free keyword tool very similar to Keywords Everywhere. It is a browser extension that is available for Google Chrome.

It displays the search volume, advertising CPC and related keywords right at the search page. WMS everywhere adds the related keywords and People Also Search for section for the related keywords on the search results page along with the search volumes and CPC.

Now that Keywords Everywhere has limited features in Free plan, this could be the best alternative and a great free keyword research tool.

6. KWfinder

KWfinder is an amazing tool for keyword research. It is actually a premium tool but you can use this with limited features for free.

Using the free version, you can make 5 searches per day and it displays 25 keyword ideas for your searched keyword.

The best thing is it displays Keyword difficulty, trend of keyword over time and also the top pages ranking for the keyword in the search engines.

KWfinder free keyword research tool

You can even export these details using export option.

This premium tool with limited free feature made it to the list just because of the amazing statistics it provides for keyword research.

7. Keyword tool

KeywordTool is another great tool to find out long tail keywords.

The keywords are derived from google autocomplete feature and this can help you generate a long list of long tail keywords in just less time.

Keyword Tool free keyword research tool

The amazing feature about this great tool is that you can use Keyword tool for keyword research not just for Google searches but also for YouTube, Bing, Amazon and several other platforms.

Keyword Tool home

The only problem for using this keyword tool is that you have to buy premium version to check all the stats of the keywords. If you are willing to just find out long tail keywords then this can also be great tool for you.

8. Keyword.Guru

Keyword.Guru is a keyword research tool similar to Soovle.

When you head over to Keyword.Guru and type your seed keyword it actually displays the related keywords for Google, Yahoo, bing, YouTube, Amazon and even for google playstore.

Keyword Guru Free keyword research tool

You don’t even have to create an account to use this tool.

It is easy to use and can generate lots of related long tail keywords so that you can target your audience on different search engines and platforms like Bing and Youtube.

9. Keyword Shitter

If you want to find out bulk of keywords related to your seed keyword then Keyword shitter can be the best choice for you.

Once you enter your seed keyword and hit Sh!t keywords option, then it will literally sh!t tons of keywords related to your main keywords. When you think you have got enough keywords, you can click stop to stop mining keywords. It mines keywords from google auto suggest related to your seed keyword.

Keyword Shitter Free keyword research tool

Also you can use Positive and Negative filter to choose the best keyword for you.

Keyword shitter filters

If you enter a word on positive filter, it will display the keywords with exclusively the word in it. And negative filter will remove the keywords with the entered word.

This can be a great tool to find related and long tail bulk keywords for you.

10. Google Trends

It is one of the best keyword research tool that can help you find out the trend of a keyword or topic.

Google trends is an amazing tool that can help you find out related queries.

google trends related keywords

Also it helps to find how the trend for the topic or keyword has changed over time.

Google trends trend

If you are looking for a free keyword research tool with detailed search trend information then Google trends can be a great tool for you.

LSI Keywords For SEO

LSI is abbreviation for “Latent Semantic Indexing” keywords which means related keywords in easier sense.

When you are writing about a keyword that most authority sites have already ranked on, you will find it very hard to rank even if your content is good. That is where LSI keywords come into play.

You can use LSI keywords in your articles rather than the actual keywords which increase your chance of being ranked in search engines.

So how do I find these related LSI keywords for my blog?

I have listed here two free tools to find LSI keywords for SEO for your blog.

Free LSI Keyword Research Tools

11. LSIgraph

LSIgraph actually is a paid tool that provides limited features for free that can be helpful to most bloggers.

It helps you find out related keywords that you can rank for.

With free version you can make three searches per day and the stats are not available on free version.

LSIgraph free keyword research

But still it can help you find most profitable long tail LSI keywords for free.

12. LSI Keywords

LSI keywords is another great tool to find profitable LSI keywords for free.

It has an easy to use interface and you can get started entering your seed keyword.

It displays monthly search volumes, CPC and competition for the keyword.

LSI keywords free keyword research

LSI keywords can be really helpful for you to find less competitive and profitable LSI keywords.

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Want a Premium Keyword Research Tool?

If you serious for your online business and want a reliable keyword research tool for your business, then you must opt for a premium tool. A premium tool comes with a lot of features that can help your boost your SEO.

So if you are looking for a premium tool, then SEMrush can be the best choice for you.

It is recommended by most of the pro bloggers and can be a really great tool for your keyword research and other SEO requirements as well.

Click here to get 14 day free trial with SEMrush

Final Thoughts

You must understand that keyword researching is really important for the on page SEO of your websites.

Not everyone can afford to invest about 100$/month on these tools when you are just starting so these free keyword research tools will help for beginners and start ups.

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If you want to rank for a keyword or other keywords related to a main keyword, then you must pick a keyword research tool and find the best profitable keywords for you.

I hope this list of best free keyword research tools for SEO will help you find most profitable topics and niches.

Talking about the tools, Keywords Everywhere can be a best tool to find keywords on different sites you surf and Ubersuggest and AnswerThePublic are also my personal favourites.

Tell me what is your favorite free keyword research tools in the comments below.

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