7 Ways To Make Money With A YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best and most preferred way to earn money online in 2020. There is a crowd of many users to create a YouTube channel and upload videos in YouTube and the big income is also one of the main cause of it.

Everyone loves getting paid for doing what you love to do and show it to the world. This is what YouTube as a platform has provided to the video content creators. So you can be a social media influencer and earn money from it.

There are many content creators who are following their passion and at the same time earning huge from YouTube.

If you love to sing create your singing videos, love tutoring create tutorials, good at playing instruments then create a video showing how to play a guitar or violin or anything you are good at and upload it to YouTube. And you know what the best part is, you can earn money with your videos on YouTube.

If you want to create a successful YouTube channel then follow this step-by-step guide to be a successful video content creator on YouTube.

This is what I love about YouTube.

Starting a YouTube channel and earning from it may seem a bit intimidating at the beginning. I have tried to explain the earning procedure from YouTube in five easy steps and six ways to earn money from YouTube channel.

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Let’s learn how to make money online with YouTube.

1. Pick A Niche

Before creating a YouTube channel you’ll have to pick a topic (niche) in which you want to create a YouTube channel on.

No one will like to see mixed content on your channel. Also there is a crowd of content creators on every niche and you’ll have to work hard to stand out in the crowd to make your place in the same niche and creating content on mixed niche surely won’t help you.

I would suggest you to pick a niche and stick to it.

Before picking a niche make a research about the top creators on the niche, what topics are trending and what the audiences want to see on the platform. This will help you understand your niche better and create quality and unique content on the niche.

Also make sure that the niche is of your interest so that you won’t get bored to create content on the niche.

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2. Create a YouTube Channel

After you have decided a niche, the next step will be to create a YouTube channel where you will be uploading your content.

Choose a name for your channel and also make sure to create social media accounts for your YouTube channel so that your subscribers can connect to you in different social media account.

Make sure to decide a name for your YouTube channel that will be a brand in the future. So it is not just your YouTube channel name but a brand in making should be in your mind before deciding a name for your YouTube channel.

3. Create Content

After you have created YouTube channel start creating content for your channel.

You can get the ideas for your YouTube videos form your competitor’s channel and also reading the comments on those channels. Apart from these you can engage yourself in forums related to your niche to get topics for your videos.

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After getting the topic, make sure to make a good research on the topic. Create the best content you can. Put your 100% effort to maintain the content quality.

Make sure that you video should clear all the doubts of a viewer. Also you should avoid creating similar content as your competitor and maintaining uniqueness in your content.

Keep in mind that content is what actually turns a viewer in to a subscriber. So try your best to create the best content for your channel.

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4. 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch time

1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time is the milestone that matters the most to a YouTuber. This is when a YouTube channel becomes eligible for YouTube Partner Program.

When one reaches this milestone and apply for YPP, the application goes in to review and after manual reviewing if you channel is eligible monetization is enabled.

This is when the advertisements start to roll in your videos and you will be paid for every ad views.

This is when a YouTubers’ work actually start paying.

In this post we will later discuss about other ways you can earn money with a YouTube channel.

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5. Be consistent

The next challenge for a YouTuber is to grow his/her YouTube channel.

Also read this article on how to grow your YouTube channel with keyword research.

To grow a YouTube channel you have to be consistent. This means mark you schedule and post videos regularly.  No matter what stick to your schedule strictly. Treat your YouTube channel as your job.

Also make sure that the videos provide some value to your subscribers and your audience.

You content’s uniqueness is what turns a viewer into a subscriber so make sure to create quality and unique content.

Keep creating contents consistently and keep earning dollars.

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So How Do I Earn Money From My YouTube Channel?

Make Money On YouTube

Most of us may have already that one can earn from a YouTube channel. But I am sure that many of us believe that ads showing on the channel are the only earning methods on YouTube. In this post I am discussing about 6 ways you can earn money from your YouTube channel.

1. YouTube Partner Program

This is what most of us are know about making money with YouTube.

YouTube partner program is a program which enables the content creators earn money with YouTube through ads showing as skip-able ads, non-skippable ads, display ads on the YouTube videos.

The content creator earn for every ad views on the video. Not to be confused with video views.

The earnings depends on the geography of the audience, niche of the video and several other factors.

But a YouTuber earns on average 3-4$ on every 1000 views.

2. Paid Promotions

You may have seen a YouTube video which shows includes paid promotion message in the beginning of the video.

Such type of videos include a promotion of a product or service which pays the YouTube channel for promoting the product or service on their videos.

The pay for paid promotions may depend on several factors but a YouTuber can earn as high as 100.000$ for a paid promotion campaign.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is another great way YouTuber earn money online.

You may have noticed many YouTuber including the “Best buy links” in their video description for the product they reviewed on their channel or just for the gadgets they use.

Whenever someone click on these links and go the site and buy the product or any other product a small percentage of commission is earned by the YouTuber.

This is another great way a YouTuber makes a great income via YouTube channels.

4. Selling your own merchandise

Another great way for a youtuber to earn money is start his own merchandise.

It is not necessary for a YouTuber to start a merch from his/her own house. You can take the advantage of your channel’s branding to earn money with the merchandise. Hope you have a cool logo and design which you can print on Tshirts, mugs and other stuffs and promote them via your YouTube videos.

If you don’t have cool designs and logos you can hire someone to design them for you in reasonable price.

You can use print on demand platforms like SpreadShirt or Districtlines which will take care of all the hassle. All you have to do is choose what merchandise you want to sell and upload your logos and design. Then you’ll have to promote the links of your online store through your videos.

You must take care that the merchandise is of high quality and also make sure not to keep the price too high.

5. Sell Ebooks

Ebook is a great way to make money as an online entrepreneur.

Making money with a ebook as a YouTuber is a great way that works for a YouTuber in every niche. If you create videos about Tech, Cooking or Travel or any other niche you can create a 30 to 40 pages of ebook with relevant information and it could be the next big thing for you as a YouTuber.

You can use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform which will take care of all your ebook publishing needs. Create your material in either word or .PDF format and upload it. You can also create a cover and upload it to KDP and it will take care of the formatting.

You can now share the links of your ebook in your YouTube channel and also in other social media channels.

6. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

If you are a YouTuber then I will suggest you to start a blog on the same niche as your YouTube channel.

You can either hire someone to design a website for your or get started yourself with these step by step tutorials.

Then you can put a link to your blog in your description which will for sure drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

You can monetize your blog through many ways as discussed here.

7. Earn BAT Tokens

This is a great way to make money from your YouTube channel even if you have low subscriber count but a decent following. You can earn BAT tokens as tip or contributions from your viewers from your YouTube channel and even with your websites.

To earn BAT cryptocurrency with your YouTube channel, head over to Brave Publisher Page and sign up for a new account. Next you will have to add your YouTube channel to your publisher account. You can even add your website, twitter account, twitch account, Vimeo channel and Reddit account to the publisher account. Whenever someone tips or contributes to your channel, the tokens will be added to your account.

You can withdraw these tokens to your Uphold account from where you can exchange them to other crypto-currency or fiat money.

You can also earn BAT tokens by downloading Brave browser and enabling Brave ads.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a great way to earn money online and make a living on it for most of the creators. If you are good at anything, get started with YouTube. And if you are a YouTuber make sure to use these methods to earn more money from YouTube.

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What method are you earning the most from your YouTube channel? Don’t forget to share with us.

Happy earning!

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