9 Ways To Drive Free Targeted Traffic To New Blog

So you have crafted a new blog, posted some amazing contents but does it seems like you are the only one reading your blog posts?

Publishing contents and refreshing your analytics page won’t help getting traffic your blog. So you must get your ass up and use some techniques to drive traffic to your brand new blog.

Driving traffic to a blog which is brand new seems to be like a really tough job. But let me tell you that it just seems that way because you are not using the right techniques to drive traffic to your site.

Believe me or not, blogging in 2020 is really competitive. The tactics that worked some years ago to drive traffic doesn’t work now. So you will have to work for the methods that work today to drive traffic to your blog.

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In this post I have included the free sources and actionable tips to get free targeted traffic and I will not be talking about the paid methods. If you have some bucks you can create ads and get tons of traffic to your blog from Facebook, Twitter or Google ads.

Getting The “Targeted Traffic” To Your Blog

Before I get into the ways to get free traffic to a new blog, let me tell you something about the right or targeted traffic.

I have seen many bloggers using traffic exchange in different social media groups to get free traffic. I strongly discourage it. Using it may get you penalised rather than improve your search engine rankings.

Having said that all type of traffic is not good for your blog.

Targeted traffic means the people who really want to know about the topic you have written about.

You must work for the real and targeted traffic and this post will help you generate free targeted traffic your blog. Getting the targeted traffic will help you increase ads revenue and other earnings from your blog as well.

How To Get FREE Targeted Traffic To A New Blog

1. Share your posts on Social Media

Social media is the best source to drive traffic to a new blog or already well established blogs.

You can share your content on Facebook and Twitter with the targeted people and drive easy traffic to your blog. But how do I find the targeted visitors for my blog?

Well you can search for groups related to your niche on Facebook. Join the groups, involve in the discussions and help other people with their queries. You can also share your article’s link wherever relevant in your comments or even as posts.

Also you can find and follow the bloggers on your niche and involve in the discussions in twitter.

Make sure your blog has easy to share interface. Use social sharing tools so that people can share your content with their friends and followers easily.

Whenever you publish a new content on your blog, make sure to share it on social media platforms. Use appropriate hashtags while sharing your links.

Sharing a post on facebook for free targeted traffic

Also add amazing images and visual contents to your articles that can earn you pinterest pins and help get tons of free traffic from pinterest.

It is one of the best free ways to drive traffic to a blog.

2. Don’t Forget SEO

You must optimise your blog and content for SEO so that you can drive free organic traffic from search engines.

If you use SEO tactics properly you can get your site rank higher in search engines and drive tons of free traffic while you sleep.

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You need to do keyword research before writing articles for your blog and use proper keywords in your articles. Keywords are the actual search terms people search on search engines and using the keywords in your posts can help you appear on the search results for the search terms.

You must target the long tail keywords with high search volume and low competition. Check this article on free keyword research tools to find long tail keywords to drive organic traffic to your blog.

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3. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an effective way to get free traffic to your blog.

Find authority blogs on the same niche as yours and leave a valuable comment on their blog. Most blogs have an option to add your website link which will provide a nofollow backlink to your site and can generate free traffic to your blog as well.

Blog commenting example

Make sure you don’t spam with the comments like “nice post” or something invaluable comments like this. Try to add value to your comments.

When you are just beginning your blogging career, you can find and comment on 5 blogs daily and you will see a growth in your blog traffic.

Well you can start by leaving a comment in this post. 😛

4. Quora

Quora is a QNA platform where you can ask questions and get answers for topics related to any niche.

It ranks 78 on global internet engagement according to Alexa and drives around 600M+ monthly traffic.

You can get tons of targeted free traffic from quora. To get traffic from it; register a free account on quora, find questions related to your blog and provide valuable answers to the questions. You can include you blog link as resource or use your blog posts’ links inside your answers.

Here is a comprehensive guide to get traffic from quora by Bloggerspassion.

This way you can get targeted traffic to your blog for free.

5. Share your Contents in Linkedin And Medium

Linkedin is a social network of professionals and skilled workers which is used for hiring people and finding jobs. Now it can be used for much more than finding jobs.

To generate traffic to your blog from Linkedin, you must properly set up your profile and build your connections. Make sure to add like minded people to your linkedin profile.

You can share your newly published article’s link to your linkedin profile and drive free traffic from Linkedin.

Medium is another great way to drive free traffic to your blog. You can repost your evergreen content from your blog to Medium and get free traffic to your blog.


First create a free medium account and go to Import story from your stories section.

Import story in medium

On the next step paste the link of your evergreen article and click import. Make customization on the article, add some images and publish it to medium.

Importing story in medium

You must add relevant tags before publishing the article.

I can understand your doubt, “Will I not be penalized by Google for duplicate content?” Let me make you clear that you won’t be penalized for republishing the existing content on medium.

Here’s the proof from official medium page.

medium canonical links

6. Slideshare

Slideshare is a slide sharing platform by Linkedin. Not much bloggers use this source to get traffic to their blogs.

I have to admit that I haven’t received noticeable traffic from slideshare but I see a lot of potential to drive free traffic from it.

You can prepare a slide about a topic from your niche and publish it to slideshare. Make sure to include a link to your blog at the end of the slides.

If your slide makes its way to the trending page you can expect tons of free traffic to your blog.

You can check Neil Patel’s guide on driving traffic from slideshare.

7. Use web push notification subscription

While trying to get new people to your site, you must also make people to visit your site again. You must turn your visitors into loyal subscribers who will visit your blog again and again.

You can use free web push notification services to build subscribers and send notifications about the newly updated posts and other notifications to your subscribers.

This is the best way to engage with your visitors and encourage your one time visitors to visit your blog again.

8. Guest Posting

It is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your blog.

You can find the established blogs in your niche and write articles on those blog which can earn you backlinks and recognition. You can generate lots of free traffic to your blog from those backlinks.

Also dofollow backlinks from such authoritative site can help boost up your site rankings in search results.

9. Organize Giveaway and Contest

Everyone loves free stuff.

You can organise giveaways and contests in your blog to gain free social shares & follower and also email subscribers which eventually drive free traffic to your blog.

Organize giveaway of products or services related to your niche to your visitors.

It is not necessary to giveaway a paid product or service, you can actually organize giveaways of your ebooks or free video consultation to your visitors.

Final Thoughts

Many bloggers quit blogging after a few months of starting their blog because they don’t get any or much traffic to their blog.

I hope this list on free traffic sources to drive targeted traffic to a new blog will help newbie bloggers get some traffic to their blog.

I recommend you to network with other bloggers by commenting, involving in discussions in forums or social media groups and sharing fellow bloggers content. Also you can ask for other bloggers to share your content when you build a good relationship with other bloggers.

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Let me summarise the whole article in few points here

  • Social sharing and networking
  • SEO optimization
  • Guest Posting
  • Turn your visitors into subscribers
  • Help other people in Quora or Groups or Forums

These are the tactics that have helped me drive traffic to my new blog and hope it will help other bloggers as well.

Did I miss any way to get traffic to a new blog? What are other methods that you use to drive free traffic?

Don’t forget to share them in the comments below.

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