How To Create Teaching Videos On YouTube In 2022?

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the normal life.

The trend of online teaching and learning is increasing due to this pandemic. If you are someone who wants to create educational content to publish on YouTube or share it with your students, this article will guide you through all the possibilities you can do so.

I have compiled some great ways and tools that are being used to create teaching videos on YouTube. So if you are a teacher or content creator, you can choose any method as per your requirement or preference. 

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So let’s have a look at different ways you can create teaching videos.


Before that let me start with what you’ll need to create such videos. 


If you want to create teaching videos for YouTube, you’ll need a computer. The computer will be used for producing content (to run software) and also for editing purposes. 

It’ll be harder to manage all the things with just a mobile phone. So I would recommend getting a decent laptop which can run some simple video editing and recording software.

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If you are planning to create videos which would require capturing the whiteboard or writings on a paper, you’ll need a decent camera. 

It doesn’t mean you’ll have to buy an expensive DSLR but a mobile phone with a decent camera will work. If you have a mobile phone with HD or full HD camera quality, you can use that .


This is the most essential gadget you’ll need to create educational videos on YouTube. 

If you don’t have a good quality mic, the teaching tutorials can be boring and futile so I’d suggest investing on a good mic. 

A good budget mic which works with both phone and camera is Boya by-m1 which costs around 20$.

Also check this article on how you can create professional voice over for your YouTube videos.

Video editing softwares

Most of the times your recorded videos will be longer and filled with mistakes, which needs some trimming and editing. For that you’ll need a video editing software. 

I’ve a list of free video editing software which can work for anyone no matter if you want to do some basic editing or make a complete movie.

Screen recorders

If you are looking for creating teaching videos by recording slides or recording your screen, then you’ll need screen recording software. 

There’s an article on best free screen recording software which includes a list of best free screen recorders for windows, mac and linux.

If you are new to creating videos on YouTube, make sure to check these videos on how to get started, create quality content and grow your channel.

 1. Traditional Board and Maker

One of the ways content creators are creating educational content on YouTube is using a whiteboard and markers just like in the schools and universities. 

You can shoot videos in the classroom while teaching or get a whiteboard and some markers in your home and start creating teaching videos. While creating such videos you have to make sure that the camera is properly focused on what you are writing on the board, there is no echo inside the room and you are recording good audio quality. You can use sound absorbers like acoustic panels to reduce echo and a good mic for better audio quality. 

Also using a good camera is necessary. You can either use a camera or even your phone camera mounted properly to the tripod. 

It is also an easy way of creating educational content.

2. White Paper and marker

This is another great way to create teaching videos on YouTube. 

You can grab a white cardboard paper and markers and start writing and explaining things just like in a whiteboard. You can mount a camera just over the paper so that you can record everything you are writing on the paper. Also using a good quality microphone, you can record the explanations at the same time.

These two methods are actually great for creating videos which need written explanations like Maths and other mathematical problems.

3. Creating Slides

Another great way of creating educational content on YouTube is creating slides using Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote or even Google slides (for free).

You can create the slides of all the course material and record the slideshow using screen recording software. Check this list of best free tools to record your screen for free

Also using a good quality mic you can do voice over at the same time.

4. Creating animated Videos

If you want to create more interactive videos than just boring slides, another great way to create interactive educational videos is creating animated videos. 

You don’t have to be proficient in animation for creating such videos. 

The videos can either be whiteboard animations or simple explanatory videos. You can create such videos easily using tools like VideoScribe.

You can also use free stock footage and free music to assist your content to create educational content.

5. Creating Khan Academy Style Videos

Khan academy is a well known portal for free education online. If you don’t have an idea about Khan Academy Style videos, check the video below. 

To create such videos where you write on the screen and explain things with voice over, you’ll have to purchase a pen tab. You can google for a decent pen tab online. 

The next thing you’ll need is a free app called SmoothDraw. You can download this for free from this link. 

Then you can write on the app and explain things while recording your screen using a screen recording software. 

This way you can create videos without having to show your face.


In this article I suggested some basic ways on how you can create educational content on YouTube. 

Here you can choose any method that is relevant and easier for you. 

This is the best time to create educational videos on YouTube no matter if you are a school or university teacher or someone who wants to explain things to others. 

I hope this article will help you get started with your educational channel on YouTube.

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