Best FREE Web Push Notification Services For Bloggers

Web push notification subscription is one of the most have subscription method for bloggers in 2020.

According to a survey, it is estimated that open rate for push notification subscribers is 50% more than the email subscribers and twice the click rate.

Even the giant social media companies like Facebook, Twitter have realised the importance of push notifications and are using it.

So in this post I will be talking about the best web push notification tools that you can use in your websites to convert your audience into regular customers.

I have reviewed on 5 best FREE web push notifications services so that you don’t have to be confused on choosing the best tool for your website.

What is web push notifications?

Web push notifications are the short clickable notifications sent from a website. Push notifications can be sent from a website to the subscribers via their web browsers about the new posts, notifications and other activities on their desktop or mobile devices even when the browser is not open.

It means if you are a website owner then you can send notifications to your web push subscribers and they will receive the notification on their desktop web browsers and mobile devices without even visiting your site or opening the browser.

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Why should you use Web Push Notification for your website?

Web push notification is a new type of subscription method to most of the bloggers and website owners. It is most widely used now on ecommerce sites for retargeting.

Web push notification service helps you to send notifications about new blog posts, offers and deals directly through their web browsers. Unlike email subscription they don’t have to open their emails to see the notifications from you. Also you don’t have to worry about your email ending up in the spam folder of your subscribers.

And you don’t have to worry about your subscribers being offline, the notifications are delivered the instant they are online.

That’s why the opening rate of web push notification is way greater than emails and other CTR.

So this can be a great tool to drive massive traffic to blogs and website.

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If you own an eCommerce website, you can notify your users about the new offers, best deals and discounts and it helps in increasing the sales from your store. That way web push notification tools help you turn your viewers into loyal customers.

Also the ease for users to subscribe to your blog is relatively very simple than traditional email and feed subscription. All they have to do is Allow notifications for your site and they will receive the notifications you want to send.

Despite these uses many bloggers don’t have an idea of it, and those who are using it have benefited a lot from it.

Also not all bloggers can afford to invest in such subscription methods so I hope these free web push notification tools will help bloggers to enable web push notification subscription in their blogs and websites.

Web Push Notification Examples

You must have seen pop ups asking you to allow the site you are surfing to show notifications. That is actually asking for permission to show you web push notifications in your browser.

Here are some of the screenshots of web push notifications:

Push notification example
Push notification example

And when you subscribe or allow to show notifications, then the notifications are shown in the browser and your mobile devices screen as

web push notification example

Best Free Web Push Notification Tools

1. OneSignal Web Push

OneSignal Web Push Notification Service

One signal is one of the most widely used web push notification tools for bloggers and ecommerce owners.

It is free to use upto 30K subscribers for web subscribers and unlimited mobile subscribers.

With free account you have access over Rich and personalized notifications, A/B testing and Template services.

Apart from web push notifications you can use onesignal for ios/Android in-app notifications as well. But these features may be less accessible without proper knowledge of documentation.

OneSignal can be used in almost all major CMS for your websites like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger and even on other platforms.

I have also added a basic tutorial to add OneSignal free web push notification to your WordPress site.


  • Supports all major browsers
  • Unlimited notifications
  • A/B testing
  • Live Reporting
  • Deliver by timezone and intelligent delivery options available

Check OneSignal Web Push Service


First head over to OneSignal and Sign up for a new account. After logging in to your account click on ADD APP option in your Dashboard.

Add new app

Enter the name of your Site on the App name and click Add App. The app will be created.

On the next step you will have to choose a platform; select Web Push and click on next.

Edit Webapp onesignal

After this you will have to configure Web push. For this choose how you want to integrate the push notification and select your CMS. For this tutorial I am selecting WordPress plugin or Website builder and WordPress CMS.

Configure web push service wordpress

Next enter your site name, URL and upload a default icon and click Save option. At the end you will be given App ID and API key save it to use later below.

API keys

On the next step you will have to install OneSignal WordPress plugin. Install and activate the plugin and it will add OneSignal Menu to your WordPress dashboard. Click on the menu and go to Configuration option.

Wp dashboard

Here you will see the options to enter App ID, API and Safari web ID. You can get App ID and API from the step above.

For Safari Web ID, go to setting on your OneSignal Dashboard and click on pencil icon next to Apple Safari and enter your web URL. You can also choose to custom icon if you want to and click save.

At the end you will be provided Safari Web ID.

Enter the IDs and API keys above and enable “Automatically Prompt new site visitors to subscribe to push notifications” options and click Save.

You can now see the web push notification enabled in your website or blog.

2. Pushengage

PushEngage Web Push Notification

PushEngage is another popular push notification service that provides free plan as well.

PushEngage’s free plan can be used for 2500 subscribers and with this plan you can send 150 notifications per month. Also the free plan is limited to 5000 clicks per month.

It supports both desktop and mobile notifications. You can also view the detailed analytics with this amazing free tool.

But I think this is a great tool for beginners and you can upgrade any time you want. The premium plan starts at 29$/month(25$/month when billed annually).

PushEngage is easy to install on your blog. Moreover they help you step by step to get started in the form of tasks.

You can directly install a plugin to your wordpress site and get api key and use it easily in you blog. Also you can customize the subscription dialog box and widgets.

Go to PushEngage


  • Free for 2500 subscribers
  • 120 notifications per month
  • Free upto 5000 clicks per month
  • Easy to integrate
  • Can automatically send push notification from WordPress

3. PushCrew

PushCrew Push Notification Service

Pushcrew is another free web push notification service for bloggers.

PushCrew’s free plan is limited to 2000 subscribers and you can send unlimited notifications with this free plan. Free plan works for Desktop devices only and has both HTTP and HTTPS support.

When you cross 2000 subscribers, the opt-in will still be available but you won’t be able to send notifications to more than 2000 subscribers.

If you want to upgrade, the premium plan starts at 18$/month. Also they have free 14 day trial with no credit card required which can help you choose the best plan for you.

They provide advanced features like Rich notifications, web documented API and Property based segmentation.

Visit PushCrew


  • Free upto 2000 subscribers
  • Proper segmentation of subscribers and rich notification feature available
  • Supports multiple browser
  • Add images to your notification
  • Rss to push

4. SendPulse

SendPulse Push Notification

SendPulse is another amazing free tools for web push notification.

It also provides email marketing, Bulk SMS, SMTp server etc along with web push notification service.

It supports all the popular browsers; chrome, firefox and safari. And it also supports push notification services for mobile as well.

Also it has features for custom subscription requests and automations of push notifications.

It is a completely free tool and comes with tons of advanced features.

Let me list some features as:

  • Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Smartphone support as well
  • Custom subscriptions requests
  • Automate push notifications for new subscribers
  • A/B testing
  • Personalize and segment your subscribers

Register a free account and copy-paste the JS code and you are ready to go in no time.

Check SendPulse Push Service

If you want to remove the the branding and get API access you can upgrade for just 9.85$/month. Get additional 20% discount when paid annually.


Subscribers.Com Free Web push notification service

This is another great and simple web push notification tools for bloggers and ecommerce owners.

The free plan of Subscribers is free up to 200 subscribers; and this can support up to push to Chrome and Firefox browser. But push to safari is not available in free version.

The free plan supports push notifications to desktop and mobile devices and has HTTP and HTTPS support. Also you get basic customer support with these amazing free tool.

You can install it by pasting the javascript in your site or installing a wordpress plugin.

The analytics are easy to use as well.

The premium plans starts at 29$ per month, per site with support for 10000 users and additional advanced features.


  • Push to chrome and firefox available
  • Free for 200 subscribers
  • Supports Desktop and mobile push
  • HTTP and HTTPS support


Final Thoughts:

I hope this blog post will help you find the best web push notification service for your site.

Also Check:

If you are looking for best powerful tool for web push notification then OneSignal can be the best choice. Also SendPulse is a great tool with unlimited features for free.

I would suggest you to go ahead and try any one of the tool and decide how it works for you.

Are you using web push notification service in your blog or website? How has it affected your business?

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

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