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6 Amazing And Best Free Screen Recorders 2019

Are you looking for best FREE screen recorders to record your computer’s screen? Well this post will cover the best free screen recording software for windows and mac.

If you are a YouTuber who create tutorials or informational videos or if you are working on bug reports or thinking of starting an educational blog or video channel then screen recorder is a must have software for you.

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Some premium screen recording softwares cost around 300$. Well if you can get your job done with a free tool, then I bet you won’t want to spend those huge amounts.

In this article I will mention about the best free screen recording softwares that provides premium features for free

This article mentions the screen recorders which are completely free and the short term free versions like trial versions are not included in this post. So you can go ahead and try the software and find out which works best for you.

Here are some best free screen recording softwares to start a successful YouTube channel and other purposes.

#1. OBS Studio

obs studio free screen recorder
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OBS studio is a free and open source screen recorder which also comes handy in case you need live streaming.

The interface and set up of OBS software can be a little intimidating for the average users but with simple setup tutorial, you can get started in few minutes.

OBS studio helps you to record your screen in high resolution and you can record the sound from your microphone as well.

Here are some of the best features of OBS software.


  • Real time audio/video capturing and mixing
  • Create unlimited scenes with different sources like browsers, images, text 
  • Powerful configurational options
  • Intuitive audio mixing features like noise suppression
  • Available for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Can also be used for live streaming


  • Requires a bit of technical knowledge to get started
  • Doesn’t provide features like mouse click recording
  • Does not have an editor

#2. Free Cam

freecam screen recorder
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Free cam is an awesome and easy tool to create screencast videos. 

It is a completely free tool with no time limit, no watermark and ads and lets you to record your screen in HD quality.

Free cam has the awesome features of mouse highlighting, recording audio along with the video and also has a simple editor to trim your video and audio. 

You can export the recorded screen video as WMV format. Also direct upload to YouTube is available in this app.

It is available for Windows only.


  • No time limit and watermarks
  • Highlight the mouse
  • Record voice over and system audio
  • Has a simple built in editor to edit video and audio
  • Directly upload to YouTube
  • Easy to use for anyone


  • Only available for Windows
  • Export format is WMV and quality 720p

#3. ShareX

sharex free screen recorder
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ShareX is an open source screen free recording and screen capture tool with many premium features. It is a lightweight and ad free tool with annotation tools and many premium features like adding your own watermark, gif recording and direct upload to different destinations. 


  • Fullscreen, active window, custom region and many more capture methods
  • Hotkeys for easy navigation
  • Annotation tools like rectangle, arrow, blur etc
  • Add Custom watermarks


  • No inbuilt editor available
  • Webcam recording not available
  • Compatible only with Windows

#4. FlashBack Express

flashback express
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Flashback express is a free version of a pro screen recording software. But the free version does the work for most of the cases. So if you are looking for a decent screen recorder for free, this can be an option for you.

You can also record webcam footage, highlight mouse clicks, record voice over and the best part is it has no time limit and watermark. 

It is available for windows and you can export your recorded video as MP4, AVI and WMV format with the free version of flashback express.

Also if you are looking for a free screen recorder for gameplays, you can check out their free game recorder named FBX which provides reliable and lag free game recording for free.


  • No watermark and time limit
  • Capture webcam
  • Add commentary in the videos
  • Export as MP4, AVI and WMV format


  • Available for windows only
  • No editor in free version

#5. Ezvid

ezvid free screen recorder
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Ezvid is a full featured video editor and easy screen recorder according to their website. And if you try it you will know it really is easy screen recorder with premium features for free and inbuilt editor.

It comes with features like facecam recording, drawing on screen, speech synthesis to put computer generated voice, free music and awesome editor to edit your videos right after recording them. You can also use the editor to edit other videos.


  • Provides facecam recording
  • Speech synthesis to generate computer generated voice
  • Draw while recording the screen for better illustration
  • Easy to use video speed control
  • Has a built in powerful video editor


  • Only available for windows
  • Not much development has been done in the app after late 2017

#6. TinyTake

tinytake screen recorder
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Tinytake is a free screen capturing and video recording software by Mangoapps.

It is actually a free version of the premium app with limited features. 

Tinytake is available for Windows and Mac and you can capture screen images and videos with it. The time limit is just 5 minutes and the software does not add any watermark. If you want to record longer videos you can stop and start the recording every 5 minutes.


  • Available for windows and mac
  • Free online storage upto 2 gb 
  • No watermark in the videos


  • 5 minutes time limit
  • You need to create an account to use this software
  • No annotation tools in free version

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best and free screen recorders in 2019 I have tried.

I hope these free screen recording softwares will help you create amazing screencast videos, game play videos and tutorials and educational content.


Make sure to let me know which free screen recorders worked the best for you. Also if I missed any awesome free tool for screen recording do mention them in the comments below.

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