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How To Be A Successful YouTuber in 2020 – Step-By-Step Guide

If you are looking for a fame and whole lot of money online, then YouTube is the best platform for you.

If you have already started with YouTube then it may seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning to get success in YouTube in 2020.

YouTube is a lot crowded at a moment and you will need to come with a plan to  achieve success in YouTube in 2020. In this post I will talk about five steps that will help you succeed in YouTube in 2020.

Anyone can start a channel in YouTube and get success in YouTube as long as you are providing value to the viewers. It is the best way to earn money online in 2020. There are many ways a YouTube can earn money.

These are some of the best steps that will help your accelerate your growth and success in YouTube. These will be helpful if you have just started out on YouTube or have a YouTube channel which is in no way to rising up or even if you are someone who is thinking of starting a new channel on YouTube.

So I will share these steps on the perspective of new YouTuber and I am sure these will apply to the YouTuber who already have a channel and some contents on YouTube. I will like to remind that these methods are not going to give you instant success but these will help you success for sure on YouTube and be a social media influencer through YouTube.

So let’s begin our guide on how to be a successful YouTuber for beginners.

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1. Pick a niche and Stick To It

Well I say this a lot but this is the truth that should be said frequently.

This is 2020 and everyone likes to watch videos out of authoritative channels. No one is going to take you seriously if you are mixing your niche.

One day you are posting travel vlogs and next day you are cooking macaroni, then you will confuse your subscriber instead of getting a subscriber from both niches.

While picking a niche for your YouTube channel, make sure to pick a niche that is your interest and you won’t get bored after making some videos.

You can go broad on your niche but don’t change your niche as possible.

2. Try To Stand Out in The Crowd

YouTube most probably has a lot of creators in the same niche as yours. So you will have to stand out in the crowd to make your own identity.

Do not try and copy your competitor. No one is going to watch a new version of another creator. Be the best version of yourself.

You can try adding comedy to your Tech related videos or try to explain things to your viewers in your own unique ways.

If you are making travel videos or cooking videos and making the same stuffs as your competitors, then try to make them unique because no one is going to subscribe you for watching the similar stuffs again.

No matter what try to add new essence and new ways to steal your competitor’s viewers.

3. Create Quality Content

Content is King. This phrase is true when it comes to creating content on YouTube.

Content is what your audience is going to remember you about.

I have tried to explain creating a great content on YouTube in the following three steps. If you follow these steps then I am quite sure you would be able to create best contents for your channel.

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3.1 Do a proper research

The key to create quality content that will be watched is knowing what your audience want to watch.

A research before making content won’t do any bad no matter on what niche you are working on.

You can do what the audiences in your niche want to watch by doing a proper keyword research. You can use Google Adwords Keyword planner or UberSuggest to check the keywords related to your niche being searched on your niche.

Besides another great way is to find topics on making great content will be to spy on your competitor’s content. You can check what the viewers are loving by checking your competitor’s channel and try to make the best content out of it.

Besides the comment sections of your or your competitor’s videos is also a great way to find the best topics for your next youtube video.

After getting the topic, make a detailed research on whatever you have to know about the topic to make the best video on the internet. Try to be as authentic as possible.

3.2 Write a script for your video

After you have got your topic and gathered all information about the topic, don’t just dive in to record the video. As much as it is possible try to write a script for your video.

I know there are some niches where there is no need to script your videos like vlogs, pranks. But if you are making informational, tutorials and news videos then it will be great to write a script for your videos to ignore umms.. and huhs… in your video.

3.3 Create your content

There are different ways different creators create content for YouTube. You may be making voice-over videos or face cam videos. That’s really up to your choice.

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Remember you must be clear with your main content no matter what type of videos you are creating. Try to be as real as possible and provide value to your viewers.

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Also make sure to keep the best video and audio quality in your content.

4. Publish Your Content

It feels very hard to publish your content on YouTube in the beginning. Many creators don’t even dare to publish content on YouTube after it has been prepared.

Your first video is not going to be great, no one’s is. You have to accept that and publish your content no matter what and create content continuously.

There are some points that should be kept in mind before publishing your content on YouTube.

4.1 Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first impression of your content on YouTube. Try to make your thumbnail as attractive as possible.

But make sure you don’t clickbait your viewers.

Check these completely free tools to create awesome thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

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4.2 Title and Description

Don’t ignore your title and description.

Include the searchable keywords in your video title.

Try to keep your Title as catchy as possible and explain about video in summary in the description.

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4.3 Tags

Tags are very important for SEO for your YouTube videos.

You must include the keywords related to your video in the tags.

The keywords as discovered earlier from Ubersuggest and keyword planner can be useful in this step.

5. Create Social Media Account for Your YouTube Channel

social media icons
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After you have created a YouTube channel, create social media profiles in some popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook , Twitter etc.

You can use a free tool Namecheckr to check if the same username is available in all of the social media platforms.

Social media account will help you connect with your viewers in other platforms as well. You can also use these platforms to share your new YouTube videos.

6. Be consistent

Many creators do a mistake of not uploading content continuously in their YouTube channels.

I know in the initial days you will not be getting a lot of views but don’t get demotivated. Keep uploading videos consistently because it takes only one video for you to boost your YouTube channel.

Make a schedule for your channel and try to stick to your schedule strictly.

It would be great if you can upload minimum two videos a week on regular basis. But make sure to maintain quality of videos.

7. Engage with your audience

The key to success in YouTube or any social media platform is to connect with your audience.

You must reply to your viewers’ comments in your YouTube videos. Also make sure to like the comments in your videos. That encourages your viewers to comment in your videos more.

Also make sure to allow your viewers to connect to you in other social media platforms. Make your best effort to reach back to your loyal followers.

Giveaways and real time meet ups can be a great way to connect with your audience. Meet ups help your audience understand that you are also a common people like them and also increases your authenticity.

By connecting with your audience you will also get more ideas for your videos and also to expand your channel in the future.

8. Collaboration with Other Creators

It is always a better way to make collaboration videos with other creators on the same niche as yours. It helps to grow your as well as your collaborators channel.

It may be possible that the creators with more subscribers may not agree to collab if you have fewer subscribers. So try to do collaboration videos with creators with equal number of subscribers as yours. Also make sure to do collaborations with the creators on the same niche as yours.

It is always better to exchange promotions with other creators than paying for advertisements for growing your YouTube channel.

9. Promote your content

You will have to promote your videos through various ways in your initial days to gain views and subscribers.

Join the groups and communities in other social media platforms like Facebook and discussion forums related to your niche and promote your YouTube videos for free.

Also you can include your link to the videos in Question Answer platform like Quora . But make sure you don’t spam any platforms.

Another great way to promote your channel is including the link to your YouTube channel in your Signature.

You can also promote your content through your official channel’s social media channels.

You must also learn to promote your own videos within your own videos. Put the link to your other videos in your end screen. Also use the feature to add related and other videos of yours in your i section or as annotations.

This acts as inbound linking within your YouTube channels and helps you get views on other videos. Make sure you include your other video’s link in your most viral content in your channel.

These steps for sure are going to boost up your success in YouTube in 2020 for sure.

Please share with us which step helped you out to boost your YouTube channel’s growth and be successful YouTuber as a beginner. Also don’t forget to share your YouTube success stories with us in the comments below.

Happy YouTubing!

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