About Us

Dreamandu is an online dream project of a blogger and dreamer from Nepal.

It is expected to inspire online entrepreneurs and people who dream about making money online, blogging, being a social media influencer, creating a successful YouTube channel or any other methods of making a presence on the internet and also making some bucks out of it.

I will be posting stuffs related to starting a blog, getting traffic to it and monetizing it. Also you can expect stuffs related to YouTube, Social Media Marketing, Freelancing and online entrepreneurship.

Dreamandu is a common platform for all the digital platforms. It is not just a platform to read articles but to share your digital dreams and stories with other dreamers.

Man Behind The Curtains

Hello dreamers.

I am Dipendra Neupane, from Nepal. I am a student of Computer Engineering.

I started blogging about four years ago and learnt something about blogging and other online related stuffs the hard way.

So I am trying to share the things to the complete beginners so that it will help you to get success on the internet.

People have to invest their lots of time searching for stuffs that may help them get success online as a blogger, social media marketer or YouTuber so in this blog I will be assisting aspirers to achieve success on the internet.

Be sure to comment your queries whenever you have a doubt because I know how it feels when you have no one to answer your doubts. I will try to help you as per my expertise or will lead you to other platforms where you can get the help.

So let’s start our journey.

Keep Dreaming!

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